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  1. Inshore Charter Reports
    Went out Monday 16th of November it was windy but it didn't bother the Redfish from feeding. It took a little while to located them with the wind making it difficult. When we did it was on. Double, triple and even quad hookups. After a while we went for some Sheepshead and we ended up...
  2. Inshore Charter Reports
    I'm transitioning out of the military I want to start a new business. I'm trying to get started with a small charter business, need to know what all licenses and permits I need. I will be taking out a max of 4 anglers and will be doing inshore and offshore trolling and bottom fishing.
  3. Inshore Charter Reports
    I had the pleasure of taking Terri a return customer of mine from Pennsylvania and her friend. The forecast was a little off today with wind blowing at least 20 mph all morning. We made due with the conditions and found an unbelievable redfish bite! We caught over 30 slot fish today with several...
  4. Inshore Charter Reports
    With the last few days having horrible weather I was pleased to see the sun and not have a 20mph wind!! The fish were on the same page! I had Neal from Georgia, his son and his sons friend. They put the smack down on the sheepshead today! We caught over 30 fish in an hour!! We fishing the pass...
  5. Inshore Charter Reports
    Today I had the pleasure of taking a repeat customer of mine, Mark Faulkner and his son Sam. With the wind blowing pertty hard out of the north I decided to have them meet at the 17th ave boat ramp to make the treck to the pass a little more comfortable. We started out at the jetty and caught a...
  6. Networking Forum
    Spring Break is not far off and if you're heading to Pensacola, Navarre or Perdido Key and want an exciting fishing adventure where you'll catch Monster Sheepshead, Monster Redfish and Hard Pulling Snapper, this is the trip for you. See my website for what types of fish we catch in March...
  7. Out Of Area
    We had another amazing couple days fishing in Flamingo CR with Mr Trigger, Thanks to MarlinStar Lures!!!
  8. Flounder Gigging
    Just for fun try and find the flounder in the pics and there is a bonus redfish we were able to follow in the lights. another great night on the water with friends.
  9. Flounder Gigging
    Had a chance to get out the other night and stuck a few fish. It took awhile to find the fish but it payed off in the end.
  10. Inshore Reports
    Redfish, redfish, and more redfish! We’re catching redfish aboard the Mega-Bite! I’ve had a lot of trips the past few weeks where my clients didn’t want to go out and catch red snapper, so I said, “No problem; let’s go bow up on some big reds and drag-screaming Kings & Spanish.” With the redfish...
  11. Inshore Reports
    Monster redfish mania on the Mega-Bite Moved this to the right section. Inshore Fishing Sorry it was late when I poste it.
  12. Inshore Reports
    The past few mornings just as the sun was rising over the horizon, the Mega-Bite was on the flats with new clients in search of big gator trout. Although we found quite a few trout, they were not as big as I would have liked that day, but we did catch a lot. We caught a few fish on artificials...
  13. General Discussion
    I am new to the area living in Milton, going through flight school with the Navy. I am from Oregon originally and learned to fish with my dad on the rivers and lakes there. He is coming to visit me here for a few days and we want to go fishing for some of the time. We are interested in both Deep...
  14. Inshore Reports
    Had a few trips Labor Day weekend. Caught lots of Redfish, Flounder, Black Snapper, and Black Drum. Fished mainly deep water in the bay and in the pass. Here is the link to the pictures. Labor Day Weekend Charters I don't have the pictures on this computer and honestly have not taken the time...
1-14 of 14 Results