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  1. Mega-Bite Inshore Charters - Bull Red Fun!

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Haven’t posted in a while, been busy running trips, and going to Football games with my son; he’s a student at FSU. GO ‘NOLES!! Ran a nice trip today with some great anglers from Louisiana. Frank, his daughter Sophia, along with Coral and Becky. They wanted to catch bull reds and we did just...
  2. Mega-Bite Inshore Charters - Upper Bay Fun

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Inshore Slam in the Upper Bays Today’s inshore trip was a good one; we caught 5 reds, they were 16’to 18”, none real big. We did see three big redfish tails sticking out of the water, but we couldn’t get them to eat. I was a little bummed, because they looked like bigger fish, but we made the...