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  1. 10 Must Have Jerk Baits

    General Discussion
    So here is the list of the 10 Must Have Jerkbaits. Are they in your tackle box? What do you think of the list?
  2. Can we say Giraffic Park?

    General Discussion
    Giraffe chases a Jeep -- "Jurassic Park" style. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on this dinosaur deja vu.
  3. What is more fun to catch: Snook vs Redfish

    General Discussion
    Use this thread to discuss the difference between the species and why you think your favorite species is more fun to catch. What are your thoughts on these two species?
  4. I Think Everyone Can Some How Relate To This Music Video

    Fishing Gear For Sale
  5. What is Fishhound? How does it work?

    Fishing Gear For Sale
    This is a quick video from one of our members. This is a quick video for, explaning the ins and out of the service and some points on why I like it so much. If you like testing products and getting some quality gear, this is the place for you. Make sure to use code BASSR1 when you...
  6. Fishing crew reels in potentially record-breaking swordfish

    General Discussion
    SURFSIDE, Texas -- A group of Texas fisherman caught what may be the largest swordfish ever caught in Texas. Read More below
  7. Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish

    General Discussion
    Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish Sherman Oaks, Calif., June 6, 2013 – Monster blues, oversized flatheads, lunker channels – they’re all out there waiting for you in the lakes and rivers on Fishhound’s “50 Best” list for catfish., one of the fastest...
  8. Hot Girl vs. Fishing Lure Commercial

    General Discussion Who do you want to win?:thumbup:
  9. Great White off of John's Pass FL

    General Discussion
    Great White 30 miles off of John's Pass Florida. Shark was estimated at 18 ft in length.
  10. So How much turkey did everyone eat?

    Off Topic
    I prob took down about 3lbs of food in about 40 min. Felt like I was going to die. LOL:thumbup:
  11. Shark steals catch!!!

    General Discussion
    All I know is that I would be pissed. It is crazy how the shark came out of no where.