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  1. fish ID please!

    General Discussion
    Please help me identify these 2 green/gold fish! In the sunlight they were shiny and gold. These are smaller than an inch long.
  2. Navarre Beach Pier is Free this weekend.

    Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    This weekend is Fish Free Weekend and the Navarre Beach Pier is free to walkers and anglers for two days - October 6 & 7, 2018 in conjunction with the Navarre Fishing Rodeo. During these two days, your annual fishing and walking passes are 10% off. This weekend only! Register to win prizes for...
  3. Wahoo

    Various Items For Sale.
    Wahoo, this one is made of driftwood. $150.00
  4. Lion Fish

    Various Items For Sale.
    handmade Lion fish. this piece is made of Sycamore and measures 26" L x 10" H stand off is 7.5" $175.00
  5. Black Tip shark

    Various Items For Sale.
    Black Tip sharks, handmade from Sinker Cypress. 39.5" L x 18" H Stands off wall 7" $500.00
  6. Fishing Lure Survey

    General Discussion
    Hello, I am an engineer working on designing a lure that could catch a fish without using a hook. If you have 2 minutes, I would greatly appreciate you filling out this quick survey about this! Thanks!
  7. Thanks PFF!

    Kayak Forum
    Just want to thank all of the PFFers, especially kayak fishermen, who've put a ton of good info out and taken time out of their days over the years to help out people new to fishing, the area, or targeting certain species. It's been a blast fishing here the last three and half years and going...
  8. Winter fishing

    General Discussion
    Winter is coming and fish are comin and goin. So what I'm wandering is what fish I'll need to start targeting and what bait I should should switch to and what fish I should stop targeting. I do know whiting is a good year round fish. So thanks in advance
  9. Crafter HTC Acoustic/electric guitar

    Various Items For Sale.
    Excellent condition, Onboard EQ & tuner, plays well, sounds great, fresh professional setup & new Gator gig bag. Ready to rock! :thumbup: $200 OBO. Located in Beulah.
  10. Annual Cobia tournament

    Pre-Tournament Discussions
    AvalonB&T here, we will be having a cobia tournament for the month of march and april. We have all the bait and tackle you would need for catching cobia. It is a $5.00 entry fee. First place will win a penn fierce 5000 combo, Second place is a $100.00 Gift certificate, and third place is a...
  11. Got pulled overboard by a big shark

    General Discussion
    I have always wondered what I was going to do if this ever happened. Here is my story and I hope this never happens to any of you! We were filming a show targeting goliath groupers and bull sharks. Johan, the host of the fishing show (KanalGratisdotse) hooked a bonito on the bait rod. He...
  12. Fish Identification?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I caught this a little while ago, but I never mentioned it to anyone because I figured someone else had seen this fish before, and also I figured I'd just catch one again. Well, since that first one I caught I haven't seen another, nor does anyone know the name of this fish. Caught in a castnet...
  13. Fly Fishing in Perdido Key near Flora-Bama?

    Fly Fishing
    Hey guys. I am a young fly fisherman and spend nearly all of the summer down at the beach in Perdido Key near the Flora-Bama. I have tried fly fishing down there for a good while (almost 2 yrs) and have never caught anything but 2 needle fish. I really want to step up my game this year and get...
  14. Fresh Fish Blowout Sale

    General Discussion
    Good Morning We have Fresh Caught fish for sale Spanish Mackrel is $2.50 per pound Mullet is $1 per pound Bluefish 1.75 per pound Come get some fish while supplies last.. Delivery as well as shipping.. Just let us know what we can help you with Also have frozen bait Please call...
  15. 1998 Grady-White 223 Tournament

    Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    1998 Grady-White 223 Tournament, This Grady White Tournament is an all around family boat that provides ways for the family to bond, such as fishing and water skiing. The boat is equip with numerous features including a salt water wash down hose, fresh water shower, live-well, an insulated...
  16. How to fillet a bluegill. (Video)

    General Discussion
    How to fillet a bluegill and get the most meat off of it.
  17. Central Coast in Fishing Charters

    General Discussion
    · Hi guys! Thinking of heading to the Central Coast this weekend for a deep sea fishing trip. Are there any fishing charters I could join there? Are there fishing charters I should avoid? I’d like a full day devoted to fishing different kinds of deep sea fishes and I’d prefer a charter...
  18. Free Charter Fishing Trip

    Forum Discounts and Promos....
    Hey everyone, we have teamed up with the Pensacola Ice Fliers and we are giving away a free inshore fishing trip with Fish Happens Charters. We will be giving it away during the Chuck-A-Puck contest tonight. Also, we have a Fish Happens banner hanging in the Pensacola Bay Center. If you take a...
  19. 06 diesel 4x4 must sell!!!!!!

    Various Items For Sale.
    I have a 2006 F250 diesel with a 6.0. It's a 4 door crew cab, lariat, leather seats, power seats and windows, heated seats, 100k miles, white in color, navigation, back up camera, DVD/CD, remote start, exhaust system, I use this truck about twice a year to pull my boat out of the water to change...
  20. Weights for Catfish Rigs

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Where can I find the flat style weights that I see on most Flathead rigs? All we seem to have in Tallahassee stores including our west marine are egg sinkers and triagle weights....they work but I keep noticing the flat weights as the weight of choice. Thanks everyone