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escambia bay

  1. Super Low Tides

    General Discussion
    I live on the North end of Escambia Bay and I have never, other than during a hurricane, seen the water so low and for such an extended period of time! This is CRAZY! I was messing around on my Navionics Mobile App and it's interesting to see how the winds and tides are affecting our waterways...
  2. Pulling in the Trout and Redfish in Escambia Bay

    Inshore Reports
    Last weekend my husband and I fished in Escambia Bay. The weather looked like it would turn stormy, but it held out until dark. We hit on a big school of Speckled Trout, and ended up pulling in over two dozen of them, as well as a handful of Redfish and Silver Trout. A video of our fishing trip...
  3. North Escambia Bay boating

    General Discussion
    Is a boat ride from the Pace area through Escambia Bay to Flounders or the ICW a safe or enjoyable option in a 19CC. The water looks pretty shallow on the charts so I am sure I would have to stay in the channel until south of the I-10 bridges. Just trying to figure out if launching at Smith's...