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  1. General Discussion
    I live on the North end of Escambia Bay and I have never, other than during a hurricane, seen the water so low and for such an extended period of time! This is CRAZY! I was messing around on my Navionics Mobile App and it's interesting to see how the winds and tides are affecting our waterways...
  2. Inshore Reports
    Last weekend my husband and I fished in Escambia Bay. The weather looked like it would turn stormy, but it held out until dark. We hit on a big school of Speckled Trout, and ended up pulling in over two dozen of them, as well as a handful of Redfish and Silver Trout. A video of our fishing trip...
  3. General Discussion
    Is a boat ride from the Pace area through Escambia Bay to Flounders or the ICW a safe or enjoyable option in a 19CC. The water looks pretty shallow on the charts so I am sure I would have to stay in the channel until south of the I-10 bridges. Just trying to figure out if launching at Smith's...
1-3 of 3 Results