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  1. Blue Water Reports
    Went to Edge & Nipple on Monday, July 10. Water was literally brown/green; I guess due to all the rain water over past few weeks. Salinity was very low at surface - yes I tasted... always do. I've not seen water that dirty that far out before. Still, plenty of Bonita & King hitting...
  2. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I just bought a new 25' CC with twin F150 outboards and plan to head out to the edge/ nipple area this weekend. I plan to troll a couple of stretches and maybe ballyhoos (if I can find them rigged up at the tackle shop), maybe drift live bait (sigs, pen fish, hard tails, or LYs) and would like...
  3. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    I have 2 for edge trip, will share fuel, Tuesday, wed or? 580-239-9108 or 850-512-4549
  4. Offshore Reports
    It was another great trip on the gulf. We headed out to the edge to catch some kings and a hoo. Rudy wanted to get some kings before he headed back to Texas. The kings were so thick at times the bait could just hit the water and instant hook up. we filled up the cooler quick. went for a troll...
1-4 of 6 Results