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  1. large dog in need of re-homing

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    i have a 2 1/2 year old american pit bull terrier who needs to be rehomed by 8:00 am tommorow or she will be in the pound and eauthanised. she is a very loving and active. The only thing is you cannot have cats. she plays and gets way to into it and eventually ends up hurting or killing them...
  2. Pointing dogs/ bird dogs

    Hunting Forum
    I recently just got my hands on a German wirehaired pointer and a drahthaar puppy. I'm pretty new to bird hunting and dog training but I'm eager to learn. If there is anybody who could give me any advice or even better, plan a training session with trained pointers I would be very grateful! By...
  3. Anybody know any Malinois or Ridgeback breeders in the area?

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    I'm looking for a new puppy and I think I've got it narrowed down to these 2 breeds. I've never owned either so If you have any personal experiences a comment would be greatly appreciated!:thumbup: I have had a German Shepard in the past and that is what turned me onto the Malinois. I'm just...
  4. Eglin Small Game Dog Hunting

    Hunting Forum
    Do any of you hunt small game on Eglin using dogs? I deer hunted in Eglin last season 4-5 times. I didn't see anything and I get bored sitting up in a tree stand for hours at a time. I would be interested in helping somebody tree a coon or squirrel or run a rabbit if there is anybody out there...
  5. Sweet Labrador Mutt Needs a Home

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  6. Hunt Clubs Panhandle

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    Hey guys, I just moved to the Pensacola area. I did a lot of hog hunting in Central Florida and I was hoping to find somewhere that'd let me run my dogs somewhere in this area. I say this first because I'm also a big deer hunter, but anywhere that I'd consider I'd want to be able to hunt hog...
  7. reward for missing puppies

    General Discussion
    MISSING DOGS! Sat. April 9 b/t 8:30 & 2:30 from Broyhill Lane, b/t Mobile Hwy & Michigan Ave in Bellview area. May have escaped or likely been stolen! Children's pets-if you have seen any of these dogs or know anyone who has acquired a similar sounding dog, please contact! 912-8319 4 PIT...
  8. Basset Mix Needs a Good Home. .

    Various Items For Sale.
    This is Shilo. He is a Basset Hound Mix, could be bull dog or something, cause of the coat, and his muscular figure. But he is a really cool dog. solid and heavy but his belly basically drags the ground when he walks. Big dog build with stubby legs. Quite an interesting sight. My (EX)...
  9. Hunting Dog FREE to good home

    Hunting Forum
    Hey Y'all, Some elderly friends of ours asked us to help them find a home for "Rufus". Unfortunatley, they just aren't able to care for him anymore. "Rufus" is a 2 year old male, (intact), blue tick/springer spaniel mix and reportedly is a good hunting dog with a soft mouth. He has a very...