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  1. Hunting Forum
    It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t your typical hunt. However, I have meat in the freezer and that’s why I hunt. I hunted the Eglin Range in a spot I recently scouted. It had good deer signs and I jumped one while scouting, so I knew they were around. It was the Tuesday before the Hurricane hit LA and...
  2. Hunting Forum
    First things First... My husband is deployed and this is the first year I have ever totally been solo in the woods. Not saying that I don't hunt along, but somewhere my husband is usually doing the samething. I am not totally inexperienced I have been hunting over the last decade (I know that...
  3. Hunting Forum
    Do you think there are large deer in suburban areas of Pensacola/Cantonment? Have you seen deer in these areas? And if so, where are some strange locations you have seen them?
1-3 of 3 Results