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  1. Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    Looking for some advice on where to find a lift cradle near Pensacola. I have a lift with slings on perdido river but looking to find a used complete cradle that will hold a 19ft blazer bay. Thanks in advance for any leads!!
  2. General Discussion
    In town for thanksgiving and staying on Santa Rose sound. Curious if there are any fuel docks open in or around Pensacola on the water. Seems like most spots got knocked out by the storms. Hoping to not have to retrailer the boat just to fuel up. Thanks.
  3. General Discussion
    I've used hotdogs to catch fish before with moderate success and just had fish biting on sausage which got me thinking is there any other stuff you wouldn't normally think of as bait and if so if I go to a resteraunt with a dock like flounders what would be good to get that if I didn't finish I...
  4. Inshore Reports
    The redfish are starting to heat up throughout the bay. I caught this one Sunday night off a dock light. The wind was about 20-25mph and it was extremely choppy. I stayed for about 30 minutes and caught this monster the first 5 minutes and a couple trout after. I hooked up with another big red...
1-4 of 5 Results