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  1. Partner to go offshore with in Destin?

    Kayak Forum
    Would anyone like to meet up near Miramar Beach in Destin anytime between April 1st and 4th to go offshore in the kayak for some kings? I need a fishing partner. I am from New Orleans and dont have any friends with a yak and I would like to have someone else out there with me.
  2. Destin Bay/Surf Fishing Tips Needed

    General Discussion
    Okay! I made a post on here about a week or 2 ago, asking for advice about a new spinning rod and reel combo. I had a lot of responses, and ended up deciding to get a Penn Pursuit II 8000 10' combo. I know the Pursuit isn't as good as the Fierce or Battle, but with as little saltwater fishing I...
  3. Oysters

    General Discussion
    New to the forum and going to be in Fort Walton beach for a week in early April. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a rookie to try and harvest some oysters in Choctawhatchee bay? Thank you
  4. Henderson Beach 6/22/16

    Surf Fishing Reports
    Almost felt like Ground Hog Day, got another Red 22'' hooked legit on sliver spoon, he came out of a school of a dozen or more that followed him in for awhile. The pic of the skipjack shows my mirrodine lure he demolished some how:mad:
  5. Joe's Bayou

    Kayaking Reports
    H-MANEOD and I woke up with plans to troll nearshore, unfortunately the surf and wind forecast changed for the worse overnight so we launched at Joe's Bayou instead. In the first ten minutes I had a flounder spit the hook and what felt like a slot red cut my mainline by going around two dock...
  6. 4/23 Destin

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched at sunrise with a couple friends to minimal surf, nasty green water and 10+mph North winds. Between the three of us over an hour we caught one bait fish sabiki'ing. We decided it was too windy to try holding over bottom spots and trolled artificials and frozen cigs from 2nd sand bar...
  7. Destin / Fort Walton Trip

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Good Morning, I’m From NC and normally surf fish at the outer banks and off shore. I’m going to be in the Destin / Fort Walton area the week before July 4th and would like to do some fishing. I have a charter lined up for a little in-shore fishing in the gulf that week but would also like to...
  8. Destin Spring Break Fishing

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Spring Break fishing is in full swing in Destin. The redfish and sheepshead bite is the best right now, getting a few speckled trout mixed in but most are dinks. Looking forward to another good season!!
  9. 27 Feb Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched with H-MANEOD around 0745 from White Point and headed south along the bridge. Hit a couple pilings halfway out and pulled up some sheepshead then pushed to the channel. At the channel I had the first hook up with a black drum on live shrimp. As I landed it my second rod with a live...
  10. Destin boat show this weekend?

    General Discussion
    I can't find any information describing the Destin or Emerald Coast boat show this weekend with times, etc. Anyone have any info or website about the show? I don't want to drive over and find out they cancelled or whatever. Thanks
  11. Destin 19 Sep - Finally got my fall mahi

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched from Henderson in the afternoon. Winds picked up and it got a bit choppy, didn't get soaked, but got pushed almost a mile further east than I intended. Hooked up with 2 mahi for sure, probably a third but can't be sure. Landed one 27" fork, and one king about the same and couple dink...
  12. News about the Destin Fishing Rodeo

    Pre-Tournament Discussions
    Hey, if anyone is entered into the Destin Fishing Rodeo, I just found out that you can also enter your catches the Navarre Fishing Rodeo. You still have to buy both tickets; but if you have a great catch, you could enter it into both competitions to win cool prizes from both events. (Maybe some...
  13. Choctawhatchee Bay & Surrounding Area

    General Discussion
    I would like to introduce myself, I am newly registered on the forum but not new to the forum by any means I have been a “lurker” for years. Searching for local reports concerning Choctawhatchee Bay and the surrounding area. As well as learning a bunch about kayak fishing and kayaks via this...
  14. 5-3-15 Destin

    Kayaking Reports
    This was an awesome trip, also was round 4 in my search for the first kings of the season. (Couldn't participate in the tourney unfortunately.) Launched from Destin into the Gulf around 615am with HManEOD for some trolling and we planned on hitting the Miss Louise. Bait was around and easy to...
  15. pompano on the jetties? or? destin jetties help needed

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    if you were going on a day trip to destin this weekend and your wife was gona lay on the beach and you wanted to fish on the jetties, whats your suggestion, id like to catch some pompano, heard there were some on the jetties, is it worth while and what kind of tackle? yes im a newbie to destin...
  16. Round 3: looking for kings

    Kayaking Reports
    Still didn't find any... but I must be doing something right! Launched out of Henderson State Park at 0645. Surf was a little big, but very clean and easy to time going through the breakers. North winds helped a lot. Barely found a few cigar minnows out around 30' then pushed out to deeper...
  17. Destin inshore and offshore

    Kayaking Reports
    Thursday night, made a last minute trip for a couple hours to White Point/Midbay bridge and met a friend to see what we could fish up. Nothing to be found on the flats, and the water is cooling off there pretty quick. Spent 30+ minutes trying to cast net some bait. There wasn't much in the...
  18. Federal Navigation Rules "Marked Channel"

    General Discussion
    Do we have any legal types on here that can answer a question that has come up at my work, I have been lookling in the safety study guide for florida boating license and even looked Coast Guard regs and the CFR part 33 Federal Boating Regs. I posted about Destin pass being a madhouse going in...
  19. Son's first Youtube video

    Kayak Forum
    Andrew worked his buttocks off for the money to get this used GoPro camera and got to use it Sat, then made this short fun little video check it out:))
  20. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Charter Reports
    The fishing in Destin has been good lately. plenty of bait around, lots of life on the flats, and plenty of slot reds and big speckled trout to be caught.