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destin inshore charters

  1. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Charter Reports
    The fishing this past week has been consistently good. We have been getting redfish on the flats as well as around the bridges. Around the bridges we are using soft plastics, on the flats we are using live bait, either greenies or pogies on a carolina rig.
  2. Destin Bull Reds

    Inshore Charter Reports
    We have been catching a few bulls in the bay recently. Primarily trolling but also casting soft plastics at them.
  3. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Bay fishing is still very productive in Destin. Bait of choice has been pogies but we are starting to see and catch a few greenies on the flats as well. Primarily under a popping cork but also rigged for the bottom with a 1/2oz weight.
  4. First Redfish Ever!

    Inshore Reports
    Had a blast yesterday with a bass angling buddy of mine that had never gone redfishing before. We stuck to the shallows and he was able to get his first redfish ever. We ended the day with 5 slot reds and 7 trout. The trout we caught just off the flats in about 4ft. Last Cast Charters is...
  5. Destin Bay Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    The flats have been good for us this past week. We are using live bait for most trips but have caught them just as good on the couple of artificial trips we have taken as well. Live bait has been greenies and pinfish (freelined for the bigger, under a cork for the smaller ones). Artificials has...
  6. Destin Bay Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    We have had a lot of rain lately in Destin, but the fishing has stayed consistent. We are still catching some good keeper sized trout and reds but we are having a lot of fun with fish in the 10-25 pound range. Bull reds and Jacks are in the bay right now, following baitfish around and getting in...
  7. Destin Bay Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    The fishing has been consistently good so far this summer. We are still getting a lot of good fish over the deeper grassbeds, but when that's not working we are pulling redfish off of some docks. Rarely is there a day where neither are producing good numbers of fish. Live bait is working great...
  8. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    We had a good day with the trout. Everything was caught on live shrimp under a popping cork in 3-5 ft of water by a creek mouth. The average fish we caught was in the 14"-15" range...seemed like they were all 14.75". We managed 35 keepers for the day, the biggest was 21.5".