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cut bait

  1. Intresting morning of 5/21

    Surf Fishing Reports
    I got out at 5:40 AM and fished until 6:00 then about a 7 foot shark came within 10 feet of the beach and was after a sting ray. Immedietly then i caught a pompano while trying to catch a shark. Later i caught a lady fish and only reeled in the head because a smaller shark ate it. I then casted...
  2. Braided line

    General Discussion
    I am currently using mono line but I am starting to hear some good things about braided line and think it might be time for me to make that switch. I hear that braided line allows for farther casting distance which would be great for me when fishing from the pier or shore. What are the...
  3. My biggest spec yet ( first post )

    Surf Fishing Reports
    Caught this guy on some cut mullet in pensacola bay. First trout i've caught on a surf rod, all of my others were on jigs. 23 inches of yummy