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  1. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    I am a hard working veteran looking for a Capt. for the upcoming season. I can pass a drug test and anything else you require. I will permanently be in the Pensacola area by late February to early March. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. For any questions email me at...
  2. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    Hey guys, I recently relocated here from AZ, but did most of my fishing in Southern California. For someone flying solo like me, the California open party boat scene was a good setup. (in another life I worked on several of the boats out there). However, I get the impression here that...
  3. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    I'm interested in fishing the bay and beach area Pensacola. 2006 Kirkland, 2200 Bay Master with Honda 150hp great electronics for weekend. Launch from Navy base Pensacola
  4. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    Hello, My name is Phil Loori, 17, I am a deckhand on party fishing boats in Belmar, NJ. I tuna fish offshore when ever I can. I love being offshore and catching marlin and tunas. I am pretty proficient in the pit, although I'm not a pro with 30 yrs experience but can handle trolling and getting...
1-4 of 4 Results