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  1. General Discussion
    · Hi guys! Thinking of heading to the Central Coast this weekend for a deep sea fishing trip. Are there any fishing charters I could join there? Are there fishing charters I should avoid? I’d like a full day devoted to fishing different kinds of deep sea fishes and I’d prefer a charter...
  2. General Discussion
    Great White 30 miles off of John's Pass Florida. Shark was estimated at 18 ft in length.
  3. General Discussion
    Me and three buddies are going on a fishing trip from April 18th - 22nd. We're having trouble deciding between a return trip to Key West or trying something new, in the Destin/Pensacola area. We want to choose the destination which will give us the best opportunity at landing some good eats...
  4. Inshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    We headed out to get on some tailers and man did we ever find 'em. There were Redfish by the dozens with tails up and ready to eat.
  5. Networking Forum
    Hello, I'm Capt. John Rivers owner of Mega-Bite Inshore Charters. I have over 30 years of fishing knowledge and over 13 years of experience fishing the northern gulf coast and our local waterways. "I have enjoyed fishing all my life. While living in the Midwest, I fished Kentucky & Barkley Lake...
1-5 of 5 Results