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  1. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Is any offshore charter still running? We have 2-3 people fishing on either Jan. 18th or 19th in Pensacola. I was wondering if there is any walk-on charter we can hop on. I also wonder what kinds of fish we can catch and keep in this season. Any information will be appreciated.:thumbsup:
  2. Inshore Reports
    Spring is defiantly over with temps reaching 100 degrees the past few days; I can officially say that summer has arrived. I’ve been doing more flats fishing the past 6 weeks. Many trips have been in upper Escambia Bay & Blackwater Bay and I’ve been catching a lot of trout, some big and some...
  3. Forum Discounts and Promos....
    Short Story: New Charter fishing business, Heller High Water Charters LLC, inshore-offshore-bluewater. 10% off for forum members on any Charter. All price ranges available. Long Story: I have basically been a swim coach in Florida since I could hold a job. In 2004 my wife and I founded SEASTARS...
1-3 of 4 Results