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  1. Perdido Vacation surf fishing

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey folks, I'll be down in the Perdido area for the week and would like to do some surf fishing. I've got all the equipment and such just need advice on what rigs/bait to use and where to fish. In the past i have just used a double dropper rig with mustard hooks and live shrimp (fishing on...
  2. Flatheads Pensacola, FL

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    I was just stationed in Pensacola and am looking to learn more about catching flatheads in the local rivers. I have a small jon boat to get around however it does not have lights for night use. If anyone could give me some guidance and pointers to catching some cats during the day that would be...
  3. 5-4 gulf breeze is full of cats

    Inshore Reports
    I stoped in gulf breeze to see if any fish were biting, and the catfish just kept coming. I started a little before dusk and left about 11 with 9 healthy sized HHs and 6 huge sail cats. For bait I used 1-2 inch pinfish with the heads cut off. My friend was on his last shrimp and something big...
  4. Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish

    General Discussion
    Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish Sherman Oaks, Calif., June 6, 2013 – Monster blues, oversized flatheads, lunker channels – they’re all out there waiting for you in the lakes and rivers on Fishhound’s “50 Best” list for catfish., one of the fastest...
  5. Hooks snagging on bottom *HELP*

    General Discussion
    I've read that certain fish (namely reds and cats) are best fished on the bottom. I have tried a few different rigs that I've read about or heard about to fish this way, but keep getting my rigs stuck on the bottom, and end up breaking the line off. First I tried tying a swivel to the main...
  6. 120lbs from the Apalachicola

    Fresh and Brackish Reports
    We set out this past Saturday from Estiffanulga on recommendation from Skiff to go try our hand at the mighty Apalachicola river. Lets just say it lived up to its reputation. I caught my new PB a 32lb Flathead and we had 8 Flats and 2 Channels all in all. All fish were caught on live bream no...
  7. variety Caught, NEED HELP!

    Kayaking Reports
    So I went out today closer to NAS in the area between Perdido Key and the mainland, Right outside of snug Harbor building. I was tossing a gotcha plug with my baitrunner/ugly stick setup. Got a late start, but still nailed a spanish mack, about 14", in a few minutes sometime after 8 am. Got...
  8. 3mb-5/11

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Decided to go throw some lines in the water off the peir at about 1:30 pm, and saw one of the most incredible schools of catfish ive ever seen off the peir. Not just 50 fish, not 100, more like 1-2,000 catfish in a massive school swimming back and forth down the length of the peir, not more than...