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  1. Various Items For Sale.
    I was told there was a gentleman on the forum that cleaned carpets for the forum members at a discount, anyone know how to contact him, I believe I was told his username was kelly1 I believe
  2. Various Items For Sale.
    I have a brand new roll of beige colored carpet that is 166.67 sq yds for sale for $1300 CASH ONLY...that equals $7.80 sq/yd.
  3. Various Items For Sale.
    PRICE DROP $75 Emerald Green plush carpet, this is NOT indoor outdoor carpet, it's a regular plush carpet, the pic just didn't show the fibers very's a NEW 12x9.6 leftover piece still on the roll and in plastic. First $75 takes it. Call Eric 850-255-4500
  4. Various Items For Sale.
    SOLD PRICE DROP to $80 I have a 12x9.3 piece of leftover carpet (brand new) it's a frieze and the color is "earthtone green"....I'm off of Avalon Blvd and you can call Eric at 255-4500 if you're interested. thanks.
1-4 of 6 Results