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bull reds

  1. Big bull reds in Pensacola 10/25/14

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    I just joined the forum tonight, and I thought I could start off with my single best night of fishing for reds. My friend and I joined a couple of his friends around the Pensacola bridge, and were catching huge bulls off cut menhaden until approx 3 am Saturday morning. We didn't catch a single...
  2. 11/10 Bob SIKES

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    :sleeping:We started the weekend Friday in the blistering cold wind on the gulf breeze side did not catch much. The action started on Saturday on the beach side at around 3 pm we caught our first bull red. Then proceeded to catch one slot red kept it, and ended that session with the biggest...
  3. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/15

    Inshore Reports
    This morning the weather was absoutly perfect! Slick calm and not a breath of wind! My morning trip I guided Terry from Louisiana and two of his friends. We started off at the south Jetty which was a little crowded today and caught a few sheepshead. We then moved on to chase some redfish! We...