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  1. Tallahassee 9pt and 10pt , 10 min apart!

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    Hunting in Tallahassee on private land this past weekend with my family. For the third and last hunt I moved off the green plot because we had not been seeing anything, and moved to an exposed stand 150yds from woods. I gave it everything I had hoping they were in rut and called in a huge deer...
  2. Hunting Headache... Thanks in advance for all the advice =)

    Hunting Forum
    First things First... My husband is deployed and this is the first year I have ever totally been solo in the woods. Not saying that I don't hunt along, but somewhere my husband is usually doing the samething. I am not totally inexperienced I have been hunting over the last decade (I know that...
  3. Good deer for North Escambia or not?

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    I've got tons of pictures of this buck for the past few months i figured hes in the low 130's. When he was in velvet he looked like a 140 class but now I'm not as pumped as I was since the hard horn pictures. What you think try to take him with my bow or pass until next year?