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  1. Kayak Forum
    Day 2 of the Navarre trip went a lot better than the storms we dealt with on day 1. It was HOT though... The bait was thick and the fish were feeding! Thanks for your support!
  2. Reefs and Wrecks
    A friend and I looking for some Pensacola Snapper action next week. We were hoping to hook up with some other yakkers. Anyone planning on going out those days?
  3. Kayaking Reports
    I have been wanting to hit up the FH12 sand fleas and the Ms Louise next time I get to make a trip down. Never done anything but trolling in the gulf. Anybody got any tips. What kind of boat traffic should we expect?
  4. Kayak Forum
    Hey guys, looking for a little help here. I'm from central Alabama. Been kayak fishing for a few years now. Me and my buddies try to take a gulf trip two to three times a year if the weather cooperates. We always do some fishing back in the bays for reds and specks, and do some trolling BTB for...
1-4 of 4 Results