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  1. need someone to help me sight in my bow

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    im new to bow hunting and looking for someone that has time to help me sight in mybow i bought. if your willing to help me just shoot me a text 8502079928 my name is cory. thanks
  2. Looking for advice... bow hunting

    Hunting Forum
    Hi all - Been looking in this part of the forum for a while and now I think it's best just to ask especially since the friends I've made so far are new too and/or don't hunt... It sounds like I'll have a lot of down time these next few months and figured I'd like to get out in the woods. This...
  3. Wanting to get into crossbow - don't know much about them...

    Hunting Forum
    Hi folks, I'm a new hunter; just a few years into it at this point. I have had opportunities to hunt deer, turkey, and hog in FL, LA, and TX. I hunt with a Tikka .308 that I have been very impressed with, but I'm looking to get into crossbow hunting but I don't know much about it yet...