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blue water

  1. No Blue Water at Edge or Nipple

    Blue Water Reports
    Went to Edge & Nipple on Monday, July 10. Water was literally brown/green; I guess due to all the rain water over past few weeks. Salinity was very low at surface - yes I tasted... always do. I've not seen water that dirty that far out before. Still, plenty of Bonita & King hitting...
  2. Offshore Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola

    Blue Water Reports
    Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola 0 for 1 on Blue Marlin Hit blue water 5-10 miles SE of the Oriskany and started dragging, it was slick as a baby's butt out there. There was no hard color change, the water just gradually cleaned up. Kept heading ESE looking for something to fish besides open water...
  3. One good yellowfin goes a long way

    Blue Water Reports
    Beautiful day on the water. Fairly calm seas and light breeze. My son and I went out to a little south of the nipple and trolled south at dawn. There wasn't much happening and the water was all green. Got a few hits but no hook ups. We were looking for wahoo and trolled down toward the edge in...
  4. Blue Water Question

    Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I've got a 21' Contender with a 200hpdi on it and 90gal of fuel. Best I can figure i'm getting about 2miles to the gal. I would love to do some blue water trolling and like to get on some wahoos mainly but would take any blue water fish. I can do bout 50miles straight outta p-cola pass no...
  5. Ram Powell and Petronis

    General Discussion
    I am looking at a trip to the oil rigs this week but have heard the water condition is poor. Has anyone been to the rigs in the last few days? If so, how was the water and fishing
  6. Starting my Dream Job (Perfect timing) 10% off for forum members

    Forum Discounts and Promos....
    Short Story: New Charter fishing business, Heller High Water Charters LLC, inshore-offshore-bluewater. 10% off for forum members on any Charter. All price ranges available. Long Story: I have basically been a swim coach in Florida since I could hold a job. In 2004 my wife and I founded SEASTARS...