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blue marlin

  1. Offshore Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola

    Blue Water Reports
    Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola 0 for 1 on Blue Marlin Hit blue water 5-10 miles SE of the Oriskany and started dragging, it was slick as a baby's butt out there. There was no hard color change, the water just gradually cleaned up. Kept heading ESE looking for something to fish besides open water...
  2. A few recent blue marlin pics

    Blue Water Reports
    Been having a lot of guys contact me looking to catch their first blue marlin from the comfort of their own boat, or even learn how to catch more blue marlin, and the fishing has been steady for those willing to put in the time and not jump around trying to chase 10 species of fish in a single...
  3. Late report 2/2 blue marlin

    Out Of Area
    Fished just after New Years before going down for some surgery. Headed for some warmer water south of Orange Beach with nothing but blues on the agenda. Found a nice temperature break I had seen on Hilton's and went 2/2 before lunch. Just now getting the video and pics back. -Capt. Woody Woods...
  4. Team Paradise goes 2/2 on BIG blue marlin July 22

    Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    We have been fortunate to be a part of one of the best years of blue marlin fishing ever. Today, our guests told us "If we wanted red meat, we would go shoot one of our cows. We came here (from Atlanta) for big marlin." Well ask and ye shall receive. We hooked up to our first blue within 15...
  5. Inside Venice Sportfishing- June video from Paradise Outfitters

    Blue Water Reports
    Here is the latest epic video from Paradise Outfitters! No tuna in this one, just ripline action and some bonus whale and whale shark footage! Enjoy!!
  6. Chalk up another blue for Team Paradise...

    Blue Water Reports
    Rip line continues to produce! Green water has invaded most of our waters but fishing rip lines all day instead of live baiting tuna isn't a bad consolation prize, as you can see. Also, here is a link to our latest video:
  7. June 15 Blue Marlin

    Blue Water Reports
    Capt. Scott Leger's group caught this little guy just before sunset, along with some big mahi. Turning out to be a great year for billfish over this way!
  8. June 12 blue marlin

    Blue Water Reports
    Ripline fishing continues to be hot. Sunday was a fun day. Had a 3 boat trip and the customer sweetened the deal by offering a little incentive to the captian/mate with the most poundage of fish at the end of the day. Teams were myself/Woody, Capt. Trey/John, and Capt. Josh. We went for broke...
  9. December Mayhem (blue marlin, tuna, whales)

    Blue Water Reports
    Blue water is in super close right now, and the fishing continues to be awesome. Enjoy this little tidbit. Still learning this program so excuse the amateurism. Music by Chevelle