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  1. Pre-Tournament Discussions
    Back Woods Kayak Fishing is a Northwest Florida fresh water kayak fishing tournament. We are a new tournament and we are trying to get the word out. If you are interested you can like us on Facebook for more information. Also if anyone has any questions feel free to contact us on Facebook or...
  2. Kayaking Reports
    2 afternoons of bass fishing in my kayak turned out to be rough, but I learned a lot! The bass are off the beds and chasing shad, bedding brim, and going deep to find cooler water. Hope y'all enjoy this quick video!
  3. Fresh and Brackish Reports
    Been reading the forum for a few years finally got around to post..went to Frank Jackson in Opp on Fri..water is up stained to muddy and 57- 64..caught 20 bass 1 -2.5lbs and 5 jacks,spinner bait, chartreuse broke back crank bait, gold rattle trap,yum flappin minnow on a shackey head.and a...
  4. Boating and Fishing Tricks and Tips
    There is a webinar tonight about fishing with the Ned Rig. Has anyone tried this for Redfish? "Tournament angler, guide and co-host of Sweetwater TV, Miles "Sonar" Burghoff, shares his strategies and setup for fishing the famous Ned Rig. Join Sonar as he discusses a new perspective to a...
  5. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Hi all, I live the Beulah/Cantonment area and I want to get into bass fishing. What are some spots around this area? Thanks -Andrew
  6. General Discussion
    We recently moved to the area and trying to find some good spots to fish from shore. We love to bass fish but would love to catch catfish also. We are in pace and been trying some of local boat ramps on escambia river. I have seen a lot of post about spillway. Where is the spillway and can be...
  7. Fresh and Brackish Reports
    Does anyone know of any good large mouth fishing in the pace/milton area?
  8. General Discussion
    I ran into some guys at the Bassmaster Classic Expo this year in Greenville, SC with a new fishing app called Fatsack Outdoors. I've been using it since February and man it's awesome. It's real easy to use and keeps track of everything that you need to know about your catches. All you do is hit...
  9. Fishing Gear For Sale
    This is a quick video from one of our members. This is a quick video for, explaning the ins and out of the service and some points on why I like it so much. If you like testing products and getting some quality gear, this is the place for you. Make sure to use code BASSR1 when you...
  10. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    I'm new to fishing in general. Only been fishing for about 2 months. Any tips or tricks for more successful bass catching in the Blackwater River, and Escambia river Deltas, would be appreciated. I'm currently using Black back Chartreuse and Sexy Shad 1.5 crankbait from both boat and bank.
  11. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
  12. Fresh and Brackish Reports
    hey everyone, here is a short clip of my most recent trip to lake Seminole where i caught some big bass on frogs in the pads....It is the time of year where during the hot hours that frog lure really shines in the pads!!!
  13. Recipes and Stuff
    I've been on a diet and fish is great for you..when it's not fried. I don't have a continuous supply of saltwater fish that have many recipes, but I can get about all the bass I want. I was wondering if anybody had good recipes for baking or grilling bass up? Any help would be much...
  14. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    I fish the Escambia River a lot. We launch at the Swamphouse and stick to the East River and all the canals around it. Usually I'm fishing with plastic worms or a buzz bait depending on what is going on and if I don't end up out there at low tide we don't catch much of nothing. We are fishing...
1-14 of 18 Results