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  1. Various Items For Sale.
    A really cool piece, gator made of sinker cypress. the wood is really old. $85.00
  2. Various Items For Sale.
    handmade Lion fish. this piece is made of Sycamore and measures 26" L x 10" H stand off is 7.5" $175.00
  3. Various Items For Sale.
    Black Tip sharks, handmade from Sinker Cypress. 39.5" L x 18" H Stands off wall 7" $500.00
  4. Various Items For Sale.
    Artist: FRANCO, mid century paintings on canvas, selling as a pair. 44 1/2" High x 36 1/4" Wide, framed and beautiful. Great condition and smoke free home. Asking $80 for the pair. Similar pair on Ebay for $150. Please PM for phone number or extra pics. Thank you! Manda Tandem Terror
  5. General Discussion
    A buddy of mine put this wood-grain type finish on this swordfish bill, then asked my girlfriend to paint it. I suggested she try something tribal, and this is the finished result. I think it turned out great! She does do custom work, so if all you swordfish aficionados have a bunch of bills...
1-6 of 6 Results