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  1. Spearfishing
    Video of Andy Mckeown's Amberjack shot on the Tenneco Oil Platform off of Chad Toner's 27' World Cat. Andy's dive partner and assistant fish wrangler was Jeff Smith. Music by Adam B. Young. Both divers were running #GoPro cameras. Video edited by Bill Baker (MiltonDiver). Make sure you set to...
  2. Offshore Reports
    Great day on the water! Seas were expected to be a 2-3 ft swell at 6-7 seconds and they were. A few 4-5ft swells were thrown in for good measure, but was able to make about 20 mph and still stay comfortable and dry. Started off slow with only catching 5 live baits at 7 wrecks in the gulf...I...
  3. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    This goes over how to properly tie a grouper rig. It also shows how to bait it. This rig also works for snapper and amberjack.
  4. Out Of Area
    Hi all we would like to introduce are self to the forum,We are Reggie & Iris owners of Panama Blueturtle Spearfishing & Economy Fishing,glad to be in your forum.Fish;YellowFin Tuna,Amberjack,Wahoo,Grouper,Dorado,Cubera Snapper,Roosterfish,Sierra Mackerel,and more.Thank You
  5. Offshore Reports
    We left perdido at about 7 and tried to catch bait with no luck, so hunkered down and headed out. The seas were forecast to be 2-3, we encountered swells about 4-5 feet :shifty: . Anyway, we decided we didn't want to go anymore than 10 miles, so we set up shop at some spots at the beginning of...
  6. Offshore Reports
    First offshore trip of the season for me, and man it was a good one. Me and 5 friends meet up with Capt. Jamie Grimmer down in Ft. Walton for a bachelor party / fishing trip on Thursday night. We fueled up, iced up, and baited up Friday morning and headed to the timber holes to get some bigger...
  7. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Treated myself to a jigging combo, Saltist 35 two speed on a 6' 3" Tiger lite, for Christmas and have yet to use it. I was wondering what would be some of the best spots near Destin to go put this combo to work? Would it even be worth while to take a short trip to the destin bridge rubble...
1-7 of 7 Results