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  24. Chart Symbols
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  26. Navionics Mobile App
  27. Apologies and lessons
  28. Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure
  29. Alligator in Bayou Chico 13 October
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  36. How about us Navarre beach swimmers?
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  39. be careful our there spider bite (gross)
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  41. Charter Boat Incounter
  42. Dealing with thunderstorms
  43. Boat height
  44. Anybody ever troll inshore at night?
  45. Evening Mass
  46. FREE Dive Emergency Management Workshop - How far away is help?
  47. FREE Dive Emergency Management Workshop - How close or far away is help?
  48. Do your research when traveling!
  49. Satellite communication
  50. Sea Tow Insurance
  51. Danger: Green or REd LED strip lights on side of boats
  52. Launching a boat with small children.
  53. Check your PFDs!!!! found my old type 1's foam acting like a sponge!
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