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Ruby Red Lip
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Default Gulf Council Regulations News

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has just started a Facebook page. I encourage you to join us to get updates on the latest fisheries news and to connect with other folks interested in fisheries management in the Gulf. And no, you don’t have to like us to “like” us…

The following is an update on what to expect at the next meeting of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council in Key West, Florida on June 6-10, 2011. I encourage you to submit public comment to [email protected] by May 31, 2011 so that it can be included into the briefing materials given to Council members before the meeting. Comment can be submitted up until June 8th, 2011 at the very latest., but submissions made after May, 31st won’t be included in the briefing materials. As always, if you have any questions please contact me directly at [email protected].

Your Chum,
Emily Muehlstein
Fisheries Outreach Specialist
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

On the Plate- Issues up for final action
The Gulf Council has completed a series of public hearings around the Gulf of Mexico. Public hearings occur near the end of the fishery management plan development process to solicit input from the public. Testimony given during the hearings was witnessed by at least one member of the Council, recorded, summarized, and will be reported to the entire council during this next meeting. You can still submit testimony to [email protected], and I suggest you do so by 5/31/11 so that it can be included into the meetings briefing materials. Council will consider written testimony and input before taking final action on each of the following:

Reef Fish Amendment 32
This proposed amendment to the reef fish management plan deals with the rebuilding of the gag stock and the management of red grouper. The proposed amendment contains seven actions that address the following:
1. Rebuilding plan for gag
2. Recreational bag limits, size limits, and closed seasons for gag and red grouper
3. Commercial gag and shallow water- grouper quota adjustments to account for dead discards
4. Adjustments to commercial multi-use IFQ shares
5. Commercial gag size limit
6. Time and area closures
7. Accountability measures
A guide to the proposed amendment is available at:
The full amendment can be found at:

Generic Annual Catch Limit and Accountability Measures Amendment
Council is required by law (the Magnuson-Stevens Act) to end and prevent overfishing through the use of annual catch limits and accountability measures by the end of this year. These requirements have been, or are being, addressed in different amendments for gag, red grouper, red snapper, gray triggerfish, greater amberjack, cobia, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel and spiny lobster. This generic amendment will address the remaining stocks with the consideration of eight actions:
1. Management of species by other state/federal agencies
2. Removal of stocks from the management plan
3. Species groupings
4. Acceptable biological catch control rule
5. Annual catch limit/annual catch target control rule
6. Generic framework procedure
7. Initial specification of annual catch limits
8. Accountability measures

A guide to the proposed amendment is available at:

The full amendment can be found at:

Spiny Lobster – Amendment 10
The Gulf Council manages spiny lobster jointly with the South Atlantic Council. This proposed amendment intends to bring the existing spiny lobster fishery management plan into compliance with the new requirements of both the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and the Endangered Species Act. This proposed amendment addresses six categories of actions:
1. Changes to species compositions
2. Control rules for Acceptable Biological Catch
3. Annual Catch Limits
4. Annual Catch Targets
5. Accountability Measures

A summary of the proposed amendment is available at:

The full amendment can be found at Amendment 10 Spiny Lobster.pdf

In the Cooler- Issues that still need preparation before final action
Mackerel - Amendment 18
This proposed amendment addresses a number of different measures that deal with cobia, king mackerel, and Spanish mackerel. The Gulf and South Atlantic council’s will meet jointly discuss this proposed amendment and select preferred alternatives on the actions being considered:
1. Modifications to management of cero, dolphin, little tunny, and bluefish.
2. Modification of framework procedure
3. Establishment of separate Atlantic and Gulf Migratory groups of Cobia.
4. Annual Catch Limits, Annual Catch Targets, Accountability measures for cobia, king mackerel, and Spanish mackerel.

Public hearings are expected to be scheduled sometime after June 2011.

On the Hook- Issues in the early stage being addressed
Earned Income and Crew Size Amendment Options Paper
In this proposed amendment the Gulf Council is considering two issues.
1. Temporary suspension, modification, or elimination of the earned income requirements necessary for commercial reef fish vessel permit renewal.
2. Increasing or eliminating the crew size requirement that limits the number crew allowed on dually permitted vessels.
Council has taken this proposed amendment through the scoping process where the public is asked to help Council identify issues, potential impacts, and reasonable alternatives to the issue at hand. At this meeting, Council staff will present the options paper that was developed from the input collected during the scoping process. Council will review and likely direct staff to develop a public hearing draft of the proposed amendment.

Greater Amberjack Total Allowable Catch Options Paper
In April, 2011 Council was presented with the results of the latest greater amberjack update stock assessment which concluded that the greater amberjack stock continues to be overfished, although the end of 2011 marks the 10th and final year of the amberjack rebuilding plan. The National Standard 1 guidelines from the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act require that overfished stocks be managed under rebuilding plans that aim to rebuild stocks in 10 years or less. It is unlikely that the greater amberjack stock in the Gulf will be rebuilt by the end of 2011, so the Scientific and Statistical Committee adjusted the Acceptable Biological Catch levels for greater amberjack for 2011 through 2013 to adhere to the National Standards.
Council can only set the total allowable catch levels for each species at or below the acceptable biological catch levels recommended by the Scientific and Statistical committee. At this meeting Council will be presented with an options paper to adjust the Total Allowable Catch levels for greater amberjack so that stock rebuilding can continue in accordance with federal guidelines.

Red Snapper Fall Season
Council will be presented with a draft of a proposed regulatory amendment that will change the recreational red snapper season end from the current September 30th closure to December 31st. Red snapper season has closed before the September 30th season end for the past 3 years because accountably measures have required NOAA Fisheries Service to close the recreational season when the quota is projected to be met. Council has made this request for a regulatory amendment because it will give them more management options. Options include the possibility of opening red snapper season on weekends in the fall, much like what happened in 2010 when the quota was not fulfilled.

Transfer of Red Snapper Individual Fishing Quota Shares
In January 2007, amendment 26 to the Reef Fish Fisheries Management Plan established and Individual Fishing Quota System for the commercial red snapper fishery. Action 7 of the amendment limited the transfer of Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) shares to individuals/vessels with valid commercial reef fish permit’s during the first 5 years of the program and to U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens thereafter. According to this action, in January of 2012 Individual Fishing Quota shares will no longer be limited to commercial reef fish permit holders, and can be bought and sold by any U.S. citizen. The Council will review a draft rule to allow transfer of red snapper Individual Fishing Quota shares and allocation to U.S. Citizens and permanent resident aliens beginning January 1, 2012.

Still Swimming- Issues with potential
Re-run of Gag, Red Grouper, and Red Snapper Projections
At the last meeting Council requested that projections of the Overfishing Limit and corresponding Acceptable Biological Catch limit be re-run for gag, red grouper, and red snapper. These re-runs were completed using the 2009 and 2010 landings data with the intention of possibly increasing fishing limits for those species in 2011. At this meeting Council will be given a report of the re-run results.

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what a joke

You can't eat Horns
Jaw Jacker
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bull s............... scott cutting government jobs, why dont he cut theres. need a lawyer to even understand what they write, colledge proffesor langage, dang sold bass boat last wk, they cant screw up fresh water yet can they??? shooting range sold, i might as well start drinking againcant shoot, cant salt water fish, think ill hang myself
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i wish you wouldnt even tell us, now i gotta go take pill to calm me down, please put quota shares in ordinary language, can we fish without buying shares or not?????
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The OLE Take My Job Folks.

Thank you Gandygirl for posting the information. Although I don't agree with most of the information.
Now take the Greater Amberjack for instance. 2011 will be the end of a 10 yr. rebuilding plan. According to what I read the 10 yr. plan will fall short of the goal.. Sounds to me like the species has been mismanaged by the Gulf Coucil for the past 10 yrs.. Thats the way I understand it. Gulf Council Regulations for the past 10 yrs. now the Gulf Council says they are still over fished. Only one to blame is the Gulf Council. We fishers have been abiding by the catch limits for 10 years only for the Council to say we were wrong for the past 10 yrs.. Thats basically what the Council is saying, but they take it out on the fishers. And we are supposed to trust and believe what the Council imposes on us fishers for other species in the Gulf. You can go into the Gulf right now and catch 36in AJ's in 65 ft. of water all during the summer. That was unheard of several years ago. So in my opion and scientific samplings the Greater Amberjack stock is in fine shape.. If the stock is over fished its because of a low TAC.

Folks the only way we can truly combat these regulators is to not fish. I know, that was hard for me to type, little alone do.. "WE THE PEOPLE" need not purchase a fishing license. Stop fishing for one year and see what kind of numbers they come up with. FWC recieves alot of funding from the purchase of fishing licence. Hit the regulators in the funding sector of their business.. No that might be a good idea cause then they will borrow the money for funding from the Chinese....

I encourage all to respond to the links that Gandygirl posted for comments to the Council.. I say we need to crash there system with so many responses. Believe me the enviromentalists from all over the country are trying to crash it. We must stand up and fight for our right to fish. IFQ's for reef fish are coming folks. Like it or not they are coming. The IFQ's for reef fish is not new news. The Council has been discussing IFQ's for many years for the recreational angler.

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I pegged my fishometer
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wow, did I pay to get that gobblegook written?
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All they do is irritate the hell out of people.

"We cordially invite you to be ignored at the latest meeting! Please come really animated and pissed off as it entertains us while we travel around from city to city; living in hotels and eating out on our government accounts (yes, YOUR money at work.) If you care to line our pockets like the commercial fishing lobbyists, maybe we'd give a flying f*** about you."

Warmest Regards,

Gulf Fisheries Management ---- because no one in the private sector would hire us!
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It's trully amazing that the GFMC doesn't listen to the people that are out there every day fishing...instead they use OUTDATED data to establish fish stocks and then make rules according to the bad data...(Remember when they "Found" over 1M lbs of snapper that suddenly showed up last year???) They should be talking to the charter boat guys...the recreational guys that go out alot...not some 10# brain guy that has never wet a line...and trully LISTEN to them...there's so many friggin red snapper that you can't get to the "overfished" gag groupers...Gags are targeted it...but when was the at time they went DOWN to the wrecks and reefs and actually saw what was down now they are closing AJ's down right in the middle of the busy part of charter boat season...THAT makes all kinds of sence!
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In fresh water they shock the fish and get a close to, and accurate count of fish per acre. i may be wrong, but i read that if the 5 people vote on a regulation the head crab can veto it. why have the 5 people. just let the king make the rules. like i said on other post ive caught 7 snapper in last 30 years. almost everyone i know sold their boat due to cost. i know because i take a new forum member regulary that had to sell his boat. 2 to 3 hundred dollars for gas. then the former commercial fisherman and educator said senator nelson, and forgot other mans name said they were nuts for trying to help us. i bought rods from 3 charter boats that were going under. i bet that 1/3 to 1/2 of previous fisherman, commercial and private are less than ever before.

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2 summers ago I spent close to $600 per trip and $400 a month boat storage to take my monkey boat fishing. I went an average of every other weekend from mid March till mid September for a total of $9000 in trips and $4800 for a years storage. Last year I went 3 times and took the boat out of storage because of BP. This year Ive been once and will probably go only twice more because all I can legally catch is 2 red snapper. Thats $1800 for the whole year. Looks like the SOBs at the gulf council would be stopped by the state and local politicians dont it. Oh well, it saves me money. Kinda sucks for the locals though. Good luck folks. Keep up the good work Emily!
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