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Kygent 07-08-2008 01:06 PM

Recent Navarre family vacation
My family and I just got back from Navarre. I usually go down to play with the kids, fish, and drink beer. Fishing this time was bad to say the least.

Arrived Sat. afternoon, just unwinded for the evening and walked the beach to plan my attack.

Sunday- took mom to church and stopped by half hitch to get my license on the way back to the condo. WOW, $30.50 for a 7 day non-res. :banghead. Things must have went up from a couple years ago. Rigged my rods (carolina rig w/ shrimp, and a spoon/jig rod). Played with the kids at the beach and drank some beers. Nice evening.

Monday- awoke early and hit the surf. Weeds were horrifc, couldn't keep a line out for more than 2 minutes before everything was green and slimey. It didn't take long for me to pack up and hit the bridge by that little bar and bakery place. caught a couple ladyfish and many pinfish. went back around 9-ish and cracked a cold one.

Tueday- More of the same, storms offshore pushing up the surf and bringing in the weeds, back to the bridges for more ladyfish action.

Wednesday- Went to see the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola and tour the museum. Very cool thing to do, probably the highlight of the trip. Came back to the condo to find no grass and very little wave action :banghead. beach was too crowded to fish so it was play and consume time.

Thursday- Grass and waves were back with a vengence, this time really thick. You just about turned green if you stayed in too long. Hit the bridges AGAIN for some more line stretching ladys, also caught what appeared to be a small jack.

Friday- Decided to take a drive down the strip to check everything out. Wow, I counted 8 public access points to the beach in what seemed like 4-5 miles to the gate (west end of the road). Saw a truck with Fl. tags in one of the parking lots and decided to stop and chew the fat. Very nice fellow, he told me where to go and what to use but I was running short on time. fished with him for about an hour or so catching ladyfish just about as fast as I could. He was throwing a flyrod with a small green streamer and absolutely killing them. we atlked about how the renourishment really hurt the fishing adn he told me to walk down past the gate and I would find the "old style" beaches with the bars and cuts. I use to fish these years ago and really wore the whiting out. I guess next time I'm down I'll be doing a little more exploration past the gate.

Saturday- packed up and headed home after a long week. Will take me another year to get the sand outta my shorts.


Believe it or not, but the sandfleas were very thick on the beaches that had little traffic. I could have raked in hundreds if I had one. Caught numerous ones with my hands and never got the first hit with them.

All in all, it was very nice time in a quiet little town.

Gulfwannabe 07-11-2008 10:29 PM

RE: Recent Navarre family vacation
Nice report. Glad you had a good time!!!

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