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KDubs 01-06-2019 11:29 AM

Dune Allen Bech - 6 Jan 19
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Spent the morning at Dune Allen. Two 14" pomp and two ~24" reds in the first trough. Peeled shrimp backed up with fishbites. Had a couple other large hits that didn't hookup, and some toothy stuff out there that just took the hook clean off the leader. May head back down for the evening bite.

Capnmichael 01-06-2019 11:43 AM

Nice catch! That's a good couple meals. You should put out a few rigs with heavy leader material and try to find out what's breaking you off.

jaster 01-06-2019 12:05 PM

Good report, nice fish

specktackler57 01-06-2019 01:40 PM

Nice work

SurfFishingMeister 01-06-2019 05:38 PM

Awesome!!! Thanks for the update

THE POMPANO KING 01-06-2019 08:12 PM

Nice ! Thanks for the report.

Strickly Fishin' 01-06-2019 08:31 PM

Thanks for the report.

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Boboe 01-07-2019 02:12 AM

My two cents says that it's bluefish biting you off.

FLfishcatcher 01-08-2019 09:11 AM

thats a great catch there.

tiger297 01-08-2019 10:54 PM

Thanks for the report. Hope to be back to that exact spot soon!!

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