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Default Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

OK, first time posting here but feel compelled...not sure if I am in the right section, so go easy on me...went out with a buddy of mine who had never been salt water fishing here (and who is a marine pilot just stationed in Pcola) to kill kingfish on Tues morning, and had some success...kept two ofsix caught. We ran in to the beach to anchor out in front of the Dock restaraunt for a burger and beer before heading in....this was about 12 noon. Right on the beach we saw some spanish so we flipped gotchas at em (this is all within the second 100 feet to the beach. We got a few nice spanish and were fixing to anchor when I saw a cobia coming along the first sandbar, right in front of us...I grabbed the spinning rod with the only lure I had on (the silver gotcha with the feather thingon the back) and lobbed it out in front of him. He took it and I set the drag carefully...25 LB Sufix and a 40 LB mono flouro leader made me nervous. I fought while my buddy drove...we chased for a while right on the beach..1 hour 22 minutes later we boat him...

I knowthat people are calling BS on the whole thing...thing is, I don't fish for Cobia, but like any other fisherman, I take my shots where I see em. I have pics and some video of the actual fight (some showing the gotcha in the corner of her mouth) which I will post tonight. The fish weighed 82.5 LBS 2 hours after being put in the box. This was my first time ever casting to a Cobia, and YES I know I got very lucky.

Now for the crazy part: I had no scale, but wanted to weigh her bc I knew she was pretty big. A guy down on the beach suggested I weigh her at the peir. I have the # in my phone, so I called to see if that was cool. The fellow on the phone said hell yes, bring her up.Well, before I could, I got a phone call from "Jerry" on the pier, telling me it would be easier to just pull up to the pier so he could lower us a scale...I thought bout it, asked him if it wouldn't piss off the guys fishing up there:nonono. He said just come to where he was waving which should not be a problem. I did it...I know ALL THE RULES...I dive, fish from boats and piers/bridges, etc....but the guy said come on so I did....Gimme a ticket if you don't like it, and I'll pay it.

Anyway, long and short of it is that after we weighed it, we dropped his scale in the drink, so I owe him a scale:banghead.(Jerry is a good guy, he later told me not to worry about the scale....but that is not right. I will be bringing you a new scale Jerry...and thanks for the help). Well, aswe weresitting beside the pier, nowhere near anyones fishing line,we start hearing the "regular" cobia fisherman:letsdrink cursing at us, calling us every name you can think of. My buddy asks if they are serious. I say oh yes...I have seen the cobia fishermen on the pier RUN CHILDREN OVER trying to cast to a cobe or a turtle or whatever...broken poles and no apologies, knock a tourist over no regard for the basic rules commonplace to any civilized scene:looser. So to hear them cussing us out for catching "THEIR COBIA":reallycrying was no shock to me. Of course I knew that they are notorious for lobbing jigs at boats. I have never had this to worry about bc I try to respect the pier and their lines and casting requirement (they could need to make a long cast to reach a cruising fish). Also, I think the law also requires 500', or something like that...?

Well we did not get hit, but 2 jigs plopped in about 2 feet from the boat, and one line went over, touching my buddy's shoulder. If I could have grabbed it in time, I would have cleated that line and taken off...Well, just for the guys that were throwing on us, we know who you are now. The REGULARS on the pier didn't want to ID you while everybody was around...but you IDIOTS THREW ON MY BOAT WITH 50 PEOPLE WATCHING YOU.

My trip to the pier with the deputies right after was not to arrest was to figure out who we could talk to about it AFTERWARDS. One more thing, you show up great on video we took of you throwing on us. You are aware that aside from being pointless, stupid and dangerous, it is a FELONY to launch any missile at a did know that didn't you. What do you expect to achieve? Do you want to injure someone when you do that? You can't expect any good to come from it!

Here is the bottom line...youwere JEALOUS and PISSED OFF because you think that was your fish. You think I "cut you off". Gimme a break. I don't even have the gear to properly pursue cobia. Quit your crying, because you would have casted to that fish, too. Oh yea, one more thing.. You saw us anchored on the beach right after that. If you were angry and bold enought to throw a jig at us when you were 35 feet in the air and safe, why not come throw it at us from 3 feet away? Maybe bc you would get something thrown back at you? If you threw on my boat, you are a coward. Get a life...I love to fish...been out 5 days straight now, but I know that there are more important things than a damned fish. When you figure that out, you will be all grown up:clap.

As for MY cobia, it is delicious. I got some good advice back at Navy Point from REEL TWIZTID and his buddies on how to grill it up. AWESOME TASTING FISH!!

Thanks for all the help to those who helped:bowdown, and screw you to those who hated:boo.
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Default RE: Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

that's a fine report and first post...can't wait to see the pictures or video...i'm in complete agreement with you too about the pier idiots...all the while you have them on video...congrats on that cobia man...that's a biggun...
"Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the worked are so formidable as the will and moral and courage of free men and women. It is a weapon adversaries in today's world do not have". -Ronald Reagan, USA
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Default RE: Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

Sounds like a once in a life time opportunity that you nailed!!!:bowdown

Can't wait for the :takephoto!!!!!
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Default RE: Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

:bowdown Awesome report and sorry about the pier fisherman. I think that there are some really good anglers that fish from the pier, BUT the few punks that also frequent give them all a bad name. We have a few pier angler who I am sure will respond to this post. I hope the good ones take it upon themselves to discipline the BAD APPLES that are making them look bad.

As far as the cobe on a Gotcha.......That is frickin awesome, right time right place and an awesome catch. Look forward to some more reports from you.

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Default RE: Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

thats a stud on a gotcha good job and cant wait to see pics
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Default RE: Cobia on Tues. 5/6/08

Can you post the video of those punk bitches throwing at you? What a bunch of sorry MF's. I can understand them getting annoyed with a boat pulling up right under the pier, especially if they didn't know what was going on, but actually throwing a cobe jig at someone? WTF? If you're pissed, OK, go drink another Busch light and just chill for 5 min and the boat will be gone. Or, hit someone with a cobia jig and send them to the hospital and then go spend the night in jail, your choice, dummy.

As far as catching a 82lb cobia on a gotcha, that is awesome! I bet you were shocked as hell when he actually ate it, then praying that he didn't come off!! That's a great story.
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