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You people from the north can't even handle a cat 1 hurricane! We ride that shit out like a isolated thunder storm. Yee haw m#^+her f$%ker!
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Originally Posted by acoustifunk View Post
You people from the north can't even handle a cat 1 hurricane! We ride that shit out like a isolated thunder storm. Yee haw m#^+her f$%ker!
My girlfriend just said that same shit and by the way fishn4reel we ain't related ya hear me? During a tropical storm the north shuts down and everyone loads up on water,gas, and MRE's. Im not saying y'all shouldn't be prepared but damn its a thunderstorm. Hell I've fished in a cat 2 hurricane before. Not saying its the smartest thing I've done but I didn't see it as a threat.
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I was up there during Sandy and the Derechio they had that same year. People were absolutely losing their minds. I was living in a 27 story high rise. There was a handfull of 6-12" trees down over the main drive approaching the parking deck. Everybody just stood around talking about when is someone coming to clear the road.
I went out with my jeep and the tools I had and cleared the road. You would have thought those people had seen a ghost. Not a single person pitched in to help.

That was a year of my life I will never get back.
Genesis 27:3 - Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.
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I am no stand around type and get it done way I am waiting on the city or anyone else for that matter....the neighbors enjoy my efforts with driveways cleaned (for the older folks)and the road plowed with in reason....just play time for me in the city....the only time the 4 wheeler leaves the trailer....and when trees come down(in bad wind) the saw starts up and things happen

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Originally Posted by fishn4real View Post
Uhh, No. A lot of what I wrote is what the nawtheners truly think of the south. But, we keep trying to educate them differently. Unfortunately, from personal experience, a lot of it is true. I grew up in a family of eight kids, and the subject of football broke up more family reunions than I care to recount. I have a nephew who married one of the local business (lady of the evening) girls after I jokingly told him she loved him. A kid and divorce later he married his 2nd cousin and moved into his second mobile home and never paid for either of them. He went on to several more divorces and marriages to the point that the lady at the court house had a rubber stamp made with his name on it.
And btw, he is one who has football running through his blood even though he never graduated from high school and would get lost trying to find Auburn or Alabama using a road map. I could go on and on about my family and roots, but I won't. I will say that I am really proud of my southern heritage and am still a property owner in Alabama and am still registered as a republican voter in Gulf Breeze, Florida. If I could convince my sons to leave this placed called Misery, I'd leave tomorrow. Enough said?
Ohhhh, so you were describing your own inbred family, got it...well, my family is nothing like that. And I would bet my pay check for the next 10 years that the scenario you just described has happened in every state of the union, not just in the south.
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I have kinda lost track of who I need to poke back at so I'll just take a couple of em. If we, here in southwest Missouri were to get a category 1 Hurricane, I promise it would be some serious deep sht. We are 500 miles inland from the gulf which would mean that Houston for sure and maybe Dallas and a lot of other cities no longer existed. It would have to be a cat 10 at the coast in order for it to be a 1 by the time it got here.

Disasters are serious, where ever they occur. I promise that if we would have gotten the sleet and freezing rain that you got, we would have suffered a lot of the same traffic fiascoes, loss of power, and yes we would have closed schools and government. The last big ice storm that i participated in here, I lived way out in the power for two weeks. It took me and the three boys 2 days to cut downed trees in order to get to the main road. Lucky we had good stock of food and a good fireplace.

I hope that everything is getting back to normal and that none of the forum family suffered any loss of life.

And just so no one thinks that I'm a hard hearted SOB, I would be happy to come down and cut up any downed trees, pick up limbs or whatever you needed,'s getting cloudy and supposed to be thunderstorms here this afternoon and I ain't going outt the house. Sorry. Maybe next time.

Guess maybe it's time this thread was buried. It's been dead for a while now.
War Tide!
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True story: A friend of mine from Missou met an Alabama girl, fell in love, and was invited to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Alabama. He said when he got on the plane in St. Louis there was 6" of snow on the ground. When he got to Bama, he was invited to go bird hunting, and he said everyone was in their shirtsleeves. He asked one of the guys in the hunting party, "How long has this place been here?"

He moved to Bama and has been here since.
"Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me." - Green Day
We madmen are the aristocrats of mental illness.
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I have lived quite a few places throughout the South and Midwest, and I can honestly say that a few hundred miles makes a world of difference. When I lived in Shepherdsville, KY and Clarksville, TN they would cancel school and flock to the stores if there was a dusting of snow even in the forecast. Up in Boone, NC there was school with 6" on the road, which made my last three years of high school really suck. Then I got stationed in Fort Stewart, GA and all I can say is I loved it. And for some odd reason I requested to go to Fort Riley, KS from there. Kansas is a totally different beast and I am very ready to get back to the South, nothing on you guys from the North..

I can tell you that when I'm on the beach at Fort Pickens and JB fishing in a few weeks, I'll probably be the only one not wearing multiple layers of clothing. Just look at the 10 day forecast for Fort Riley, KS..

I never wanted to live in Florida until I fell in love with a woman from Auburndale, and now calls Pensacola home. When we get out of the army I will definitely be enjoying the warmth and sandy beaches of Florida for the rest of my life.
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