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Tramp Stamp.
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a little dinky one on the ankle, maybe OK....later. At 15, no way. Mainly because a lot changes between 15 and 21 and 30 and.......
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Old 07-14-2011, 09:27 PM   #13
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well im going to comment on this one... ive got 5 myself and have plans for 2 more.... All of mine tell a story of my life...and I've put them in places that if i have to work at a place that doesnt allow them then no one would know i have them.. Mine arent tramp stamps. or any of that nature each to there own..... what you need to remember is your body is still growing so you will need to have it redone alot sooner if you just wait for abit... However yes I did allow my daughter to get one when she was 15 and my son at 17....but what they got wasnt a regular tat that you can just go and get.. they are like mine.. they have a special story of their lives...

the heart tat is the center is the day me and there dad were married... around that is all our kids,, including my son who already has his angel wings.....

My eagle is my pride and joy.. it was done after my kids dad messed up which represents my FREEDOM...
the dream catcher is now im catching my dreams, if you look at 4 feathers coming down representing my kids with a peace sign in the middle saying someday my life will have peace...

The ying and yang heart is one well I half way regret... it was made because me and the kids dad are complete opposites that we were suppose to be together forever... so one thing that willl be added to it.. is in the bottom scroll the word NOT will be in large print....

I have found my next one.. it will be in chinese writing that means Forever and placed in an old scrool and placed in my Eagles claws.. representing I will always have my Freedom from a very controlling person...
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When my daughter is fifteen she would have a snow balls chance in hell at getting our permission to get a tat. Both me and her mom have one or two so its not that we are against them but no 15 year old is mature enough to make that decision and your parents should step in and prevent it.

I guess you have a "cool" mom that buys beer for your parties doesnt she?
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Old 07-14-2011, 09:44 PM   #15
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I have to admit that although I have one, I do not find them sexy or attractive on people. Mine is on the back of my right shoulder (not visible unless in a casual setting), and yes it's art and tells a story. I always wanted one as a kid and started working on ideas when I was in 8th grade (so about age 13). I didn't actually get it until I was 21, and it is something I drew myself. No one else has it, the artist traced my own drawing and transferred it to my skin, then tore up the pattern. It does have a lot of meaning for me, but it is for ME. It's not something I advertise or need to share with everyone. So take your time and make sure it will be meaningful for a lifetime.
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Old 07-14-2011, 09:48 PM   #16
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placement is key. neck and hand tattoos are trashy
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Old 07-14-2011, 09:50 PM   #17
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Don't like 'em. 15 is too young.

Otherwise I'd advise anybody who wants a well paying career in the future in "industry" to get tatoos that can be hidden with a short sleeve shirt and a pair of pants.

A tramp stamp, back, shoulder blade, leg, shoulder tatoo can be hidden easily. Neck, below the tricep, etc. not so much.

Live in the moment, don't forget the past, and think about your FUTURE!

But 15 is WAY too young for a tatoo. I would immediately think less of a 15 year old with a tatoo, male or female.

And smaller is better.

But I'm 54, so take it with a grain of salt if you want.

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Old 07-14-2011, 10:05 PM   #18
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You don't have all your ducks at 15, much less in a row.
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I would say wait until your 18 to get the tat your to young right now . In 3 yrs if you still want the tat you can get it but in 3 yrs you might change your mind about it . I have 4 tats personally I want more how ever every one of my tats can be covered up with a simple pair of pants and a short sleeve shirt . I see nothing wrong with females or males getting tats if they choose . I will say that jail house tats make you look like trash . Remember your going to be wanting a good job when you get out of school if your all tat up your future employer may pass you up because of them . I think if you choose to get a tat @ 18 put it in a place that can be covered up by normal work cloths or uniform but can be seen when your at the beach river out on the town or when ever your on your personal time .I'm 25 got my first tat @ 18 how ever when choosing your tat get something that means something to you not because its cool or every one else is getting it if your do you will end up regretting it . There cheap to put on expensive to have removed .
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Depends on how u wanna portray yourself. I agree that fifteen is way to young I think the min age for tats should be like 25 or so. Your going to change you have no idea how much ur gonna change in the next 10 years, believe me its amazing. What sounds good today in five years will sound absurd. With that said if this is something that is going to happen no matter what anyone says please give this some thought. Be able to cover it up with a short sleeve shirt and shorts. Hoes sluts and whores are typically easily defined by the ever so common target or tramp stamp, if you have an ounce of dignity you will avoid these kinds of tats. Ur gonna do what u want but at 15 be a little conservative with it. When u turn 50 tat ur forehead up by then ur life will be a little more well set.

With that being said I have tatts myself my wife does not but would like one. Honestly I think tattos on women are HOT but they have to be done right, which is easier said then done. And im only 29 so im still old enough to know better, just still to young to care.

My daughter comming to me at 15 don't even think about it. When she's out on her own go ahead.
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