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Default His Name

I agree with Gentle Wolf the more i read the more i like his name. i also would shoot, learned my lesson years ago,oldest ex came by to talk then started to make threats ,told him to leave then heard him in the back yard.took my pistol held him and told wife to call 911. long story short ,i spent the night in jail ,cost a lot of money and time to fix that.a black dude in jail explained it to me in a nut shell ,he told me the only reason i spent the night with him was that they was 2 sides to my story ,lesson learned ,shoot.
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There are a lot of armed people with dogs that get robbed. Some even get shot with their own gun while the dog is eating a steak in the kitchen. My initial reaction is that if presented with a situation where I had time to prepare I would pull the gun and shoot. In a situation where I did not have that option then my thought is get my family safely out of the way and let the insurance deal with replacing whatever was taken. I do not own one thing that is more important to me than my family.
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nice shotgun HN and great idea .....
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I hope I'm in the position to shoot. Carry pretty much everywhere I go although I don't sit at home watching tv with a loaded gun in my hand. If you want to buy some extra time if someone tries kicking the door go to www.katybar.com and order some peace of mind. Pretty good insurance for pretty cheap. I think a remote model for when your not at home is either ready or will be soon. Double door model also in the works.
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Anyone that breaks in to my house will have two test. First, they must get past 12 lbs of pissed off white fury (my Lahsa Apsa Gabby). Next, they will face my wife - End of story
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Originally Posted by Mr. Bostin View Post
do u really have all that shit at ur house

Hisname is my Dad and I can attest to all that he has posted
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Default u r my idol

Originally Posted by HisName View Post
Good Question Orion

There is no way to get inside my Parameter without ringing the door bell outside the gate and being escorted in ,after i have already looked you over and see fit.
My Defenses are layered , starting outside my 10 foot wall and solid gates
the wall to the left side in my Aviator is 10 foot tall , covered with Confederate Jasmin which hides Barb wire and SS Snares that will cut to the bone in the most likely areas someone would possibly climb and jump.

my door looks normal from the outside but is re enforced with angle Iron , five heavy henge's into a 8X8 and 2" Bolted custom built lock system. a big person would kick it for a hour before it would give , while I pop holes through it from the other side behind a heavy wall
as far as working in the garage , all Vehicles have Glocks and I keep security under foot with Jack FM Blaring without any concerns.
This may appear Paranoid , but I prefer to live without fear or paranoia in a safe home that is free from the unseen outside world.

My point is , you should be safe in you home and no one should be able to just walk up to your door or garage at all.
That is way to close for me. I want to know who is there and why they are there before they even suspect that I know and have prepared a greeting.
being a hard target is a good thing

Nice Dog Cathunter , He Looks Serious
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Old 12-16-2010, 09:28 PM   #48
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Hisname, when the SHTF Im coming to your house, err, compound. I promise to bring my share of food/water and enough guns and ammo to arm our army of hot wimmenz.

But on topic. Im armed unless Im sleeping or buck nekkid. The way I see it, its just as easy to slip my P32 in my front pocket as it is my wallet in the back so there is no need to EVER go unarmed. Only places I dont are places that have metal detectors. Carried in Disney World just this weekend (damn that place is such a soft target it scary but that is another topic).

Saying that, if they are coming in the front door and Im sitting at the back door and the only one home, Im running out as fast as I can. I have NO SHAME in not being a hero.

If my family is home and there is no time to leave that is a different story. If I have time I go to my primary HD weapon, my Saiga 12, though Id feel very comfortable with my G19. To me, if your in my house with my family at home, there is no time for me to command the person to leave or threaten to call 911. The way I see it, if in my home, Im at the advantage. No lights needed for me except from the tact light to ID/dissorient perp right before the bullets fly. I will NEVER "rack the slide" or give any indication Im armed. I will shoot COM until the mag is empty.

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I'd rather be hung by twelve,....than carried by six.
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Anyone coming uninvited into my house will soon be walking on nubs...after my ChiRat knaws their feet off down to the ankle bones...
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