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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Me and a buddy were hanging out one Friday night and we go online to try and find a good drinking game, well long story short we found one and then went fishing on the dock. He slips and slams the dock with his thigh and flips into to water. I thought he was dead so I jump off the dock after him and then realize that he's alive, so now we are both in the water trying to figure out what to do. I guess we got out bc I woke up in his garage and he was passed out on the stairs.
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Well I would like to add this long list.. I really dont remeber much of the night, but I remeber going to a certain type of bar where girls dance and let us watch... lol Well some how I made my way outside looking for a buddy of mine and passed out in the back of someone elses truck... Dont quite remeber how I made it home or made it to the right truck, but my buddies must have been looking out for me that night. Wish I had more details but I was in bad shape that night. Maybe one of them will read this and be able to tell more about what went down that night!!!!

:letsdrink:letsdrink = sicksick
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Fla - Uga game a few years ago ... got CRUNK ... got kicked out of a Cab , got into another Cab , miraculously with the friends I had gone with and couldn't find ... Jim slaps this guy to the ground twice while IN the passenger front seat of the Cab , the Cab driver loses it on us , but a few $20's and she's cool again ... she takes us back to the beach from the Landing , gets lost and drops us off at some random gas station ... turns out it's right down the street from where we needed to be anyway ... lost the keys and had to break into my friends house , NO arrests ... AWESOME !! ... UF vs. UGA is like Mardi Gras if you've never been to that game ... INSANITY
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Gulf Gate Lodge, Late 70's, Underage, 2 Babes, Birthday, Crown Royal Shot'sssssssssssssss, Beer Chaserzzz, Empty Wallet, Alien Abduction, Ooohhhh forget it......... Need I say more??????????????
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Went to a bikini contest at some bar in Atlanta back in the early 90's. Got plastered and wound up sleeping in the van in the parking lot. I was parked alongside a wall that was about 4 feet high. I woke up at about 7:30 am and had to pee. Got out of the van and went to the wall and pulled down my jeans but the wall was too high to pee over, so I climbed over to what I thought was some bushes. Well, they were the tops of trees and I went straight down about 30 feet through all of the branches with Mr Johnson hanging out and when I got to the bottom I rolled out into a busy street that was busy with folks going to work. I had twisted my leg on the way down and could not stand up. Cars were honking at me and of course a cop happened to be passing by and I was arrested for indecent exposure. I have not had a drink in 11 years!!!
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Damn thats funny
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First time I ever got plastered... I was 18 (louisiana's legal age). Big house party in a caboose converted to small house.

I drank several beers before switching to Jack Daniels. I must have awoke in the night and went outside and peed in the bushes. I then took a dump in the bushes too... Well, the only way I know I got up was i had stepped in my crap with my sock covered foot (with pee on the tops) and tracked poop back to the couch I slept on...

The worst part was that I hadn't gone outside at all... Rather, I had just walked across the room and peed and deuced amongst the house plants at the big front window

Howz that? That oughta win me a rod And it is 100% true!

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Las Vegas.

Did some gambling and wandering during the day. Went for dinner that night. Got ass kicked at the craps table so decided to chill and have some drinks. Pulled up to the bar with a friend. Basically I'm a beer drinker, hardly ever drink liquour. I decided I was too full to drink beer so I asked the bartender for an after dinner drink. He reccomended a "mudslide".. So, ok, sure why not.... (Kaluha, Baileys and Vodka)

Yummmmm.... It was like "ice cream"... Please sir, may I have another. Wow, yum, damn that's good.. Please sir may I have another...

16 mudslides later, projectile vommitting all over the hotel bathroom. Fairly certain it was covered from ceiling to the floor in all directions....

So drunk I couldn't stand up I crawled around the floor and tried to clean the bathroom with toilet paper until it ran out. My brain was going "if they find this they'll kick me outta the hotel". So I was doing everything in my inebriated power to clean up the bathroom.

Next day friend comes by, walks in and says.. "What's that smell?"....

Amazing what soured puke smells like the next day.... Two day hangovers away from home are the worst....

Dear God in heaven, never let me even hear the word "mudslide" ever again. Amen...
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Default bad night drunk at work navy

i worked at ellyson field night shift,somenot so good friends came by house at supper with case of beer, i had a drinking problem when i was 18,dont drink now went to work,my shift decided to get me drunker,someone paid me to drink a bottle of peachbrandy, then they took me to barracks 25cent beer in machines, then the killer blow some bet me i couldnt drink 10 shots rum in 10 seconds, unfortunally i did it, he wouldnt pay then we went to club, i fell off porch broke my foot 3 in gash in head, blacked out after that fought them when they tried to take me to sick bay, they tried to give me med to throw up couldnt do it, tried to put me in strait jacket, security couldnt do it, i finally got cold cocked, didnt wake up till 2 next day,broke foot captain found out about it because of security, i just made petty officer thought it was all over,told them i had cold meds with a beer, they told me if i couldnt hold my liquor i shouldnt drink, i never did rat out the other guys, i quit drinking in 1989 because of things like that
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