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Default Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

I have spentseveral dayswith a guy that I work with for the past couple a weeks and a couple of days ago we had a conversation that lead to drinking. He told me a story about a night that he drank too much and the story was nothing short ofincredible, or boarderline of Unbelievable.

If someone one here can match or better his story I will give them a Custom Rod of their choice ortype, choice ofweight,action,colors and custom wrap included.

What is the Drunkest You Have Ever Been?
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Dont remember:letsdrink...It had something to do with Jager and Patron..Maybe even a bushwacker or 2 in there somewhere:letsdrink
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

this might go better if the question were: Whats the drunkest you ever saw someone get? The problem is that, if it is told first person, then it will always end with: "and I fell asleep/don't remember after that".:takephoto
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

never been drunk.
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Apicture is worth a thousand words.
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Went out in Va with some buddies...started at hooters then went to a row of bars/clubs started drinking on somebodies tab...ended up passing out in the sink of some bar with water running on me, stumbled/drug out by said buddies passed out in some girls car...woke up half way back to buddies apartment in random girls husbands brand new mustang cobra proceeded to throw up in floor then side of car....get back to buddies apartment and take shower go to bed/pass out again wake up next to random girl with differant underware on than i had put on after shower....and remember nothing over a 3 hour period from passing out in car to throwing up in car
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

When I was a young man and thought that I was bullet proof and drinking until obliterated was the norm.... Me and my buddies left the bar at 5 AM, went to NAS San Diego and piled into a C 130 for a HALO jump. I thought for sure that the cup of coffee that I drank had done the trick and fixed me right up. Needless to say that when I sailed out the back of that plane I had the worst case of vertigo that you could imagine. This was followed by me hurling everything that was still in my stomach. I discovered immediately that an oxygen mask doesn't work well at all when filled with vomit. I did manage to slipstream my mask and clear it and the rest of the jump proceeded according to the plan. I became aware of Jesus at about 20,000 feet and He has been a part of my life ever since. Sometimes something good does come from doing something really stupid.
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Well this started in Houston Texas quite a few yeeears ago !!

Me and a buddy of mine worked for a Sportsman club and had access to hunt several ranches in West Texas. To get ready for the opening deer season we pooled our money and bought a very used Pop up camper to pursue our quest of a whitetail hunt in the great West Texas hill country! We did some routine maintance of patching holes and packing wheel brg's.

We were to meet and pick up a 3rd buddy on the other side of San Anton and be at the ranch about day lite. So carfully planning our timing me and Don figured we would need to leaveour favoriteBar in Houston about 11 pm!

Well it took a little coxing to leave on time but finally we were on the way.About an hour out town and "about 2 morebeers" we spotted a spike buck in the hwy that had been crippled and was up only on his front legs!" Slow down and stop we have no grocerys to eat till we find time to get to a store" so we pull over quick and I jump out and start running back with my knife to finish off the buck and have fresh backstrap when in the distance head lites are coming. Now the deer is in the passing lane ,I'm running on the shoulder and 18 wheeler is coming in the right lane ! Opps until his lights shined on me and he swaps to the passing lane to avoid me and Blamm ,Dead centered the deer!!! It rolled all the way through the underside of the trailer and he never slowed down "Guess he thought he run over a drunk or a Mexican" since no other traffic was on the Hwy he just keep on going. I looked at tatered remains of our backstrap, walked back to the truck ,got back in ,opened another beer and told my buddy " good thing you packed those " Slim Jims" cause we gonna have to hunt in the morning for some Food!

There is a part two of this about the "dry rotted tires" we though would make the 6 hr one way drive . If ya'll need somemore of this drunk tale let me know!
33' Proline , Twin Yanmar Diesels
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

saw a dude chug a half pint of everclear once back in the day. He passed out with his eyes open about 15 minutes later. He was in the way so we drug him into the front yard. A couple hours later, he came crawling back inside.
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Default RE: Drunkest You Have Ever Been?

Took a Mardi Gras bus from Tallahassee to New Orleans in 2004 or 2005, whatever was right before Katrina. Buddy and I finished an entire bottle of jager before the bus had left the city limits of Tallahassee, this was accomplished by chugging jager with cans of Red Bull at the same time. We then polished off a bottle os Seagram's 7 between 3 of us on the rest of the bus ride (about 6 hours). Now the fun begins. We paid the bus driver $34 to let us smoke cigarettes on the bus. This translated into a plethora of drinking, drugs, and other stuff I won't mention. Aside from a bottle of Evan Williams and more Seagram's and Coors Lights being passed around, there were many bowls of marijuana smoked, coupled with other drugs I won't admit to doing on a public forum, and we hadn't even gotten to Mardi Gras yet. When we got off of the bus, the three of us had absolutely no idea how we were going to make it. We had to walk between 3-4 miles to Bourbon Street and I guess sobered up enough on that walk to start consuming Herculean amounts of alcohol. I have absolutely no idea how many hand grenades, hurricanes, or this stuff called "Special Combustion" I had. All I know is that around 8PM we were eating dinner in some oyster house and I asked these girls we knew for a drink, something non-alcoholic. She had a six pack of Pepsis in bottles, I pop one open and start chugging it, unfortunately it was half rum. At this point I don't remember anything until around midnight. From midnight until about 4am, I sat in a bar call Monahan's or Moneghan's? Something like that. While I sat there I dropped about 200 dollars or more, judging by what my ATM statement said. I bought round after round of an Irish Car Bomb coupled with a glass of that aforementioned "Special Combustion" and every time I'd slam the Car Bomb, and pretty quickly drink the special combustion while just sitting there, not really talking to anyone except the bar tender. I did this for hours, I really have no idea why. I ended up sitting in a window talking to a girl and an ugly girl. It was probably a girl and a dude dressed as a girl, but I'm gonna go with a fat girl. They asked me what I was doing there and that was when I realized my phone was dead, I had no idea what time it was, and I had to be back at the bus location by 6am. I drunkenly stumbled through the ghetto surrounding Bourbon Street heading in a North to Northeast direction. At one point I saw a dude in a jester hat, I actually knew the guy (he was friends with the guy running the party bus who I also knew) and myself, that dude and some random girl were all worried we were gonna get left behind. We finally, somehow, found the buses and rushed up there. Somebody told us that the drivers had been looking for their keys for 30 minutes, so if they hadn't lost them, we probably would've been left behind. I walked up to the bus, driver opened the door, I went straight to the back where the three seats are by the bathroom and passed the **** out. I was woken up 6-7 hours later by the bus driver, I was the last person off the bus and my two buddies were waiting for me outside Doak Campbell stadium thinking I had been left behind. I have no idea how I didn't die of alcohol poisoning or ODing on other stuff. Was probably the most fun I've ever had that I can barely remember. There's a lot of other stuff in between, but I can't/don't really wanna post that stuff where kids can read.
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