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Old 11-01-2010, 11:27 PM   #41
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its a figure of speech pops. AKA getting "chopped down", "chopped in half".. "getting your head blown off". get what Im sayin. So chill out with your bullet projectory there poindexter lol. And it wasnt a shootout when the guy got hit, it was at point blank range immediately after the initial traffic stop. And i'd like you to PM me so i can give you the email addy of my relative that carried the guys coffin so he can further give you some 'BS' info. you dont have a clue what your talking about. There is a slim possibility that someone can actually come on this forum and make a thread with accurate information that doesnt have to be nick picked by a clueless member.

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Old 11-01-2010, 11:55 PM   #42
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Why are all these clowns from Ohio? So many crazy f***s from there, lots of shootings... Geez. I'd say I feel bad for the kid, but at some point, being 16 years old, he has to realize his dad is insane. Kinda like the Westboro Baptist nuts and those kids. This is where LEOs should be allowed to step in preemptively, not profiling, but going on what this guy has done and said in the past. Telling cops you're gonna kill them for asking for your license and registration? How in the hell wasn't he put away years ago? And his buddy on the news? Lock that bastard up too.

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Old 11-02-2010, 12:04 AM   #43
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A 16 year old who had NEVER been to school, NEVER had a best friend except his MANIAC Dad.

In NO way was the 16 year old kid at fault except that he loved his Dad.

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Old 11-02-2010, 12:29 AM   #44
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Jim, I saw your prior comment, and figured you'd respond. I completely understand your point. In a better world, sh*t like that wouldn't happen, but unfortunately, kids are raised to hate, and are reflections of their parents. I understand this, and feel bad for them. Hell, I know racism is rampant, I've seen it first hand, from all different walks of life. My point was, even if you're uneducated, at some point, 16 years old, I would think you'd start to question what you're doing. It's 50/50. It's a shame the kid is dead. It's a shame he was raised that way. When it comes down to it, the kid had gun aimed at people, so he got mowed down. It sucks that his life had to end that way, but when it comes right down to it, he made the choice, regardless of influence. I've had many of my friends who spent time in the Middle East that had to shoot 5 year olds because they had bombs strapped to them. I am agreeing with you, but I also understand what had to be done in that situation. They couldn't exactly extract the kid peacefully. However, I don't think that him being shot should be glorified or praised in any way, rather, the officers did what they had to do in that situation. The comments you see on YouTube say enough about how much hate is out there. You can watch a video that has zero to do with race, and find loads of people spewing hate speech. Problem is, these clowns have their right to free speech, even if it is hate speech, and these groups are growing as the country becomes more divided.
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Old 11-02-2010, 01:10 AM   #45
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I fully disagree JimT. At 16 he knows that firing a gun into a man's chest will probably lead to death. True, his background taught him to hate authority like LEO's and the gov't, but at the end of the day, he pulled the trigger. Certainly if he raped a child we would not say he is in NO WAY at fault because he had a poor upbringing. Arguably, we have a moral compass written on our hearts. He pulled the trigger so at a minimum, some fault is on him. BTW, when we going fishin' again?
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Old 11-02-2010, 07:56 AM   #46
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Atleast the dog made it out!!! F'em let god sort it out!!!! Great job by all officers involved!
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Old 11-02-2010, 09:19 AM   #47
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Originally Posted by hogdogs View Post
I may well be the 1/100 that feels that gun safety should never be compromised...
Know your back stop and all of that jazz isn't just for sportsmen...

There is still risk with a well placed shot delivered by a qualified shooter but it is severely reduced when compared to several hundred rounds delivered by individuals who qualify once per year or twice at most with a mag full from their service weapon...

Just looking at the van proves my point unless there were 30 or 40 people inside packed from front to rear as the bullet holes are all over it and the story posted claims 2 individuals were in it... So were they in the rear or front? Maybe the middle... Were they laying down flat for cover? From what I see, there were many vehicles in the line of fire and beyond them are privacy fences which would suggest homes beyond as well...

As a member of one of the largest forums related to the responsible ownership and use of firearms which includes hundreds of police (including swat and sharpshooters), I promise I am not alone in this opinion... Just here maybe...

I agree, well said. Hot headed cops in the heat of the moment have taken innocent bystanders in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.
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