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A pocket 380 can be a good choice for comfortable concealed carry in a front pocket. The best handgun for concealed carry is one that you will actually carry. It is, of course, at the low end of the preferred self defense caliber spectrum. Carry ball ammo for better penetration and feed reliability. Forget the laser option. Most self defense situations occur at 6 feet or less. No sense taking the time trying to focus on a red dot (in a true fight or flight situation -- your eyes will not see it). Save the money and spend it on ammunition. Practice, practice, and practice some more. If you can find an indoor range to practice in -- the better. Get plenty of exposure to low light and dark situations -- this is where you will most likely need your CCW. Prcatice shoting from "retention" -- take a good shooting course by an experienced instructor (avoid self-taught "hacks" trying to make a buck -- they'll just instill bad habits).
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Good reply, scubapro. I have always been of the opinion that a .22 LR in the right hands can be just as deadly as a .45 ACP in a threatening confrontation. I can't imagine anyone being foolish enough to attempt to "shoot it out" with a bad guy at 50 yards anyway, more likely 5 feet if you are lucky to have that much room to maneuver!!

Carry what you feel completely safe in using and are proficient with and carry what you feel is a comfortable fit on whatever part of your anatomy you choose to carry the weapon. If it chafes, is too heavy, isn't sitting against your body in a comfortable fashion, it probably will end up lying on the night stand or in a gun safe.

And, you don't necessarily need to always go to the range to practice! I put on one of my favorite carry weapons at home (after making sure the thing is unloaded!!) and practice exiting the holster, taking my sight picture, and checking my stance and my grip. Do it in front of a mirror and use your reflection as the "bad guy". That is easy to do and can serve the same purpose as a football player lifting weights off the field. It keeps you tuned up for the ultimate purpose of owning that weapon to begin with. You can't save your own or anyone else's life if you can't clear the weapon and bring it to bear on the bad guy smoothly and quickly.

Regarding .22's, they can travel almost anywhere in the human body once they gain entry through the skin. My younger brother was accidentally shot by a member of a group of Boy Scouts shooting to qualify for their Marksmanship Merit badge when he was about 4 years old. My father was range master and told me that my brother pulled away from my mother and darted in front of the line of prone scouts and the bullet entered his leg midway up his left calf. It must have ricocheted off his Tibia and traveled upwards and exited out his upper thigh!! It's true that a .22 has very little impact shock of the higher calibers but I will take a .22 any day over a knife or my fists if it means quelling a threat to my health and safety.

In the meantime, I carry a P-230 in .380 ACP and switch off with a 9 mm Taurus Slim or a Sig P6 as needed. The P-230 is always carried IWB in a Hume holster that fits like a glove, the P6 is worn OWB in a Hume slide holster, and my little Slim is usually carried in my leather coat in an inside breast pocket. I haven't found a holster for the Slim yet that really rocked me so I just carry it bare in my pocket.
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Originally Posted by Hound_dog View Post
Im looking at a Berretta Px4 9mm compact hasone ever used one of these.
i've shot one - very nice gun. i actually looked at getting one for a while for concealed carry. while it is a nice gun, you can find smaller firearms that are easier to conceal and more comfortable to carry. Especially for the $$, a Kahr, glock, taurus slim, kel-tech PF-9, etc. lot of votes for the LCP in prior posts. i tend to lean toward a 9mm myself over a .380.
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Wirelessly posted

I got my LCP at bass pro I also got the holster $10. Later I purchased a laser for it. You will get tired of shooting it after a few rounds. It is so small. But that's why you can conceal it so well.
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I got my LCP off of, and paid the FFL Transfer fee, and it was still cheaper than they were selling for locally.

Carry mine in a rear pocket with a pocket holster, and like others, I practice drawing it almost every day.

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I carry for comfort because if it's not comfortable, I'm not going to bother.
I'm not going to buy pants 2 sizes too big so I can put a 2 lb. .45 in my waistband. I have a hard enough time keeping my pants up.
Here's my theory. The most likely place that you will need to pull your gun is in a parking lot. If I've got to pull my shirt up and grab a gun out of my waistband, chances are I'm not going to make it.
With those parameters in mind, I always carry either a S&W 642 with CT grips in a Mika holster in a jacket pocket or an LCP in my right front pants pocket in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.
That way when walking to my car, I can have my hand in my pocket, on the gun.
But then, everybody has theories and yours may differ. Works for me.
If you do decide to carry on your waist, get a good belt that's made for carrying a gun. It will make all the difference in the world.
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One more vote for the LCP. Bought mine from a narcotics officer here in mobile ($320 out the door) that also is a FFl dealer. He sells the LCP more than any other Concealed Carry pistol. Most to other officers as back up or off duty CC. I purchased a wallet holster off Ebay for $30 that also converts to a front pocket holster. Carry it everyday and never know its there. Very light, comfortable and suprisingly accurate for its size. I posted this same question on another board and the LCP is BY FAR the favorite. Only had mine a couple of weeks but have the oppurtunity to put a couple of boxes of ammo through it and have not had one issue. The Kel-tec is a close second, but the LCP just feels better in the hand. Anything bigger than the .380 just seems to big and bulky for CC, and if its not comfortable then you wont carry.
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I guess I am more country boy, I prefer a .38 or .357... not any specific tastes for them.
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Old 02-10-2011, 02:56 AM   #19
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The G19 is the perfect CC gun for me for most situations. Its small enough to conceal and Im just 5'8" yet with 15+1 of 124gr +p ammo and long enough sight radius to actually be able to hit your target, Im confident it can do anything I can make it do. I carry in a comp-tac minotaur that is VERY comfortable. I carry a small pocket pistol only when I "cant" carry or Im just wearing swim trunks or something.
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Yea, I'm with ya there already owning a .357 but I was looking for something in semi-auto. Shot my buddies glock 22 the other day and tried it on with iwb holster it felt pretty good. I'm a big guy so I believe that's what I'm going with.
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