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Old 05-30-2014, 09:48 AM   #21
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That's why I like to go after 9:00 pm and be back on the trailer before 5:00am
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Dont even get me started on etiquette. Doesnt matter if its at the ramp or on the water, theres way too many people these days that have no shred of it.

A little story of mine. I tried my normal procedure last week with my new Tracker- unstrap, install plug, etc off the ramp, back in, unload...... My son had climbed into the boat to be ready drive out of the ramp area. As I was backing down the ramp (a slightly steeper one from normal) the trailer briefly went out of sight and I heard him go to yelling. I stopped and opened the door to see what he was yelling about, couldve been anythng with him, and lo and behold, my boat had decided to launch itself about 30 feet from the water. 4 feet of the bow was resting on the back of the trailer, everything else was resting on the skeg in the middle of the concrete ramp. Ive never even HEARD of this happening!!

After a couple of minutes of head scratching and redneck engineering we got it hooked back up to the winch and I cranked it back up onto the trailer as my son let the truck and trailer slip back down the ramp and under the boat. Only damage was a few scratches to the leading edge of the skeg, mostly paint thank God.

Round 2, kept the bow strap on until I got a little closer to the water, stopped and unhooked the strap, son gets in to be ready to drive away from the ramp and go to backing up again. This time the trailer tires made it into about 2 inches of water and he goes to yelling again- boat launched itself off the trailer and into the water. Fortunately we had the motor up high enough and the water dropped off fast enough that nothing hit bottom but it definitely has me re-evaluating my launching procedure.

Im by no means defending bad ramp etiquette, many people are just rude, but also keep in mind sometimes theres a reason for the way people do things.
If you come across a big white Ford hauling a black Tracker, be prepared to wait a couple of extra minutes for what seems to be bad etiquette and piss poor planning, especially if Im by myself. That bow strap now stays on until the trailer is almost fully in the water. Id rather risk causing you to wait a couple of extra minutes than risk costing myself a lower unit and wasting even more of your time while I winch the boat back onto the trailer from the middle of the ramp.

And as a testament to the fact that I shouldve just stayed in bed that day, I also wound up breaking the fish finder transducer mount off on one stump an hour later and bent a prop blade on another on the way back to the ramp at the end of the day. These sorts of things never happened in 10 years with my old duct tape and chewing gum boat and all this happens in one day with the new one.

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Old 05-30-2014, 10:11 AM   #23
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you know there COULD be two sides to the coin. Not everyone that comes to a ramp is as experienced as PFF'ers always are. Sometimes people didn't generationally fall into boating and perhaps they didn't have the luxury of a Dad or Granddad to teach them. SOMETIMES, people might just need a hand, advice or a break. I can remember launching at boggy point one time and a young lady was having difficulty with her single-wide jet ski trailer. She might've been 20 at the most. She probably never had the luxury of a seasoned person teach her the fine art of backing a short, single axle trailer (THE hardest kind of trailer to back in my opinion). well, I pulled up on my boat (end of day for us) and apparently she'd been at it a while. There were several trucks in line to launch and most were cussing her "stupidity" under their breath (actually they should've been commenting on her ignorance to be technically correct, she was "ignorant" of how to back a trailer, which we ALL have been at some point in our lives)

No one was checking on her, no one was coaching her, just standing back, honking, cussing and fuming.

I found a place to nose into the beach (I mean it WAS crowded) I went over and asked if she could use a hand, this poor girl was mortified! She was in tears and couldn't focus to drive much less back a trailer.

We backed her trailer down and helped her get launched and everyone "cheered" (@$$holes...I think that was as much to add insult to her...they could've helped easier than we did, coming in off a boat)

Anyway, there are NO LEGAL RULES for launching/unlaunching No one is launching "wrong" just different than how you might. Perhaps next time, see if there's an opportunity to help instead of fume.

So just remember it is a busy time and everyone, the experienced and inexperienced alike, wish to enjoy their time on the water. Be grace-filled and have fun!

(and for the record.........I launch in a huge hurry and cuss some of them beneath my breath too)
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Old 05-30-2014, 10:52 AM   #24
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It is great to see that really NOTHING has changed in the last 40+ years of boating .
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I guess most of us don't want more regulation and enforcement in our lives, but can you get a driver's license if you can't parallel park? Anybody can buy a trailered boat, and anybody can take it to the ramp. Add to that the differences between the party craft culture and the fishing culture. A great big mess is what you get. What's the solution?
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Hey slick, sounds like what I did once when I went from a bunk to a tilt roller trailer. OMG what an experience as your backing down and all of a sudden you see the whole front underside of your boat!!

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Old 05-30-2014, 11:58 AM   #27
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At a minimum, Ramp Etiquette should be posted at each Ramp. A simple sign with Graphics. Education is key.
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27 posts and nobody has mentioned the kids swimming at the Navy Point launch????
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Originally Posted by swhiting View Post
27 posts and nobody has mentioned the kids swimming at the Navy Point launch????
Well now that you brought it up.....Geez those shit bags are a pain in the ass. Trying to get to the dock they just look at you like "hey man you are messing up our swimming" Can't stand that crap.
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