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NoMoSurf 05-17-2015 12:42 AM

Anyone heard of a Hydrocat monohull?
I found out yesterday that my recently bought project boat is a total write off... So the wife has declared "no more project boats"! I must buy a nice one and be DONE!

So I'm lookin.... And I find a 19ft Hydrocat that is a V-hull... Anyone know anything about these? I've never seen one before.

stc1993 05-17-2015 12:51 AM

The only ones I've seen are catamaran type boats. Never seen a v-hull but I'm not a boat expert.

NoMoSurf 05-17-2015 12:58 AM

Yeah, I read that threat just a few minutes ago. This one is definitely a V monohull and is definitely a Hydrocat. You can see the logo clearly in the pics.

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