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Default Surfing my boat up river

Went to Simpson river fishing pier today with my kayak and learned a few more lessons. Don't take more rods than you have rod holders for. Don't think a mental list of things to do on the way to put in count as "getting things done". Couldn't find anything to make a crate out of on the cheap so no added rod holders and couldn't get my tackle box in any position to get in it when needed. If your gonna need to use an anchor, fix an anchor trolly before hand. Don't think it will be OK to just tie it on where ever you can reach. I tied off to my carrying handles and was broad side to the wind and waves. I had waves coming over the side of the kayak. IMPORTANT Check the weather thoroughly before going out. Wind speed and direction are important. There were real waves going up Simpson river today. My fishing kayak doesn't make a surfing kayak worth nothing. It was OK for me going up river but was real tough coming back down against the wind and fighting the waves. And the water was a little chilly, and I got real wet. I went back to the landing and put a half trolly for my anchor but after fighting the wind coming back, I decided to just try to find a place out of the wind to try fishing. I was still rough going till I got to quiet place out of the wind but no fish. The half trolly worked pretty good to get my back to the wind instead the side of the kayak. I should have found something to use for a stake out pole before I left the house because the store bought ones were outrageously expensive so I didn't get one. Well, there's a list of things its better not to do. I'll do better next time hopefully.
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