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Default Pond survey - with shock boat

Had been on the waiting list for the Univ. of Tennessee Fisheries to come out survey fish population and balance in our pond for a couple of months. This was an owner participation (netting fish) and was well worth finding out after seven years.

What to find out:
1) What is the balance of bream to bass
2) Are the sizes and density good for the 4 surface acres
3) How good/bad is the feed stock population (fingerlings and flat head minnows)

Initial stocking was 3000 bream in Nov 2011 and 300 F1 largemouth in May 2012. Subsequent stocking included a couple of hundred hybrid bluegill and 10's of pounds of flat head minnows over several years.

The good news: I have plenty of large bream. Plenty of bait fish.
The bad news: I have too many large bream. It's preventing the bass from getting really big. Lots of 1-2 lb F1.
All fish were released.
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