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I didn’t take the comment as an imply for anything, I don’t wear my ass on my shoulders. I took it as an opportunity to educate, as most think all we do is eat, work out, sleep and sit in recliners. As well as run calls, annually we check every single fire hydrant, 10 pre plans a month, annually test all hose and pumps, minimum of one hour PT per shift, minimum 2 hours of training per shift, public education events, check and operate every single piece of equipment every day, and the list goes on. Hell, I leave for Nashville today with 11 others for a week long training event paid for out of our own pockets. Just giving some insight. Seems like we have less and less support from the public (the brothers in blue/green have it worse in that regard) even though we’re literally killing ourselves for this community. Thanks to those who support.

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