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Originally Posted by Joetrain View Post
I own a Hobie Revolution and fish from it about 2 days a week on average. My thought is if you stay in protected water and donít do anything stupid you wonít flip , with or without the outriggers.

Others will be proponents of other brands of kayaks but I bought my Hobie and love it. The Pro Anglers are made to fish out. They are heavy so plan on getting a trailer.

We have a couple year old F-150 4x4 we are going to drive down and leave there. If we go the kayak route we will probably get a roof rack with kayak saddles. We know a guy here in the NW that has two Hobie Outback's and he has rollers that flip up at the back of his rack to make sliding the kayaks up onto the rack pretty easy. Once they are on the rack he flips the rollers down and secures them into the saddles. I think the saddles me mounted to his rack were made by Yakima (close by) or Thule. IF we go the skiff route we will use the truck for towing.
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