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Default Kayaks for newbies?

Hey everyone. My wife and I live in the NW, and fishing is our thing. We have enjoyed visiting the Pensacola area and plan to start spending some time down there, especially during the winter months. Thought about buying and storing a conventional boat, but after watching a bunch of vids wonder if we couldn't learn the area a bit and be well served by a couple kayaks for a while?

I'm 55, wife is 54. I'm a decent sized guy, 225lbs. Wife is 165. Not thinking of hard core launching into the surf. Thinking more like fairly protected water like the grass flats around Big Lagoon, Bayou Grande, etc. Not as worried about budget as I am getting a couple of safe, stable kayak's that would serve us well for fishing and learning some of the backwater areas. I believe they have to be pedal drive. From what I've read, for stability the Hobie Pro Anglers seem to be pretty tough to beat? I'm wondering if a Pro Angler 14 for me and a Pro Angler 12 for the wife might be a good way to go? Does the Hobie Ama outrigger system make those things a lot more difficult to flip?

We will be able to visit for a month or so at a time many times. I assume with just exploring areas like Big Lagoon, and sticking fairly close to some of the launches we should be able to learn the ropes a bit and catch some fish? Mostly interested in red and specks.

jAny advice or thoughts would be genuinely appreciated.

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