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["If you are asking if you can use a plain jig head instead of a circle hook to fish a natural bait, then I would say that is not legal. If you are asking if it legal to tip a standard j-hook style bucktail jig with a natural bait like squid, then that is a good question"]

These two sentences are confusing to me. Concerning the distinction between a "natural bait", and "a natural bait like squid."

I'm okay with going with the fact that my inshore jigs are not legal to fish for snapper with. I can easily switch to a small knocker rig with a circle hook. Question are my octopus hooks legal as circle hooks? I'm guessing no.
Next question, as I'm in the bay, surely there will be no problem with me having rigs with this jig ready to go in my rod rack or even fishing with them for whatever after I have a couple of snapper in the cooler. As in, I'm still fishing elsewhere for something else (with live shrimp on a jig) after I've already caught my snapper.
Jeez,sometimes I get the feeling the government wants to make something as simple as catching a fish as complicated as possible! Ha.
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