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Default Escambia River - Trot Lines - Are they legal?

Ive been scouring the FWC's site tring to figure out if running a Trot line is legal on the Escambia river. I see where they say....

With pole and line or rod and reel and by bush hook, setline or trotline baited with cut bait or other substance; but not including live game fish or any part of any game fish; bush hooks, setlines or trotlines (limited to 25 hooks total) are permitted for taking nongame fish for personal use, but only in those areas where trotlines may be lawfully used in accordance with the Wildlife Code of the State of Florida. Refer to the "Commercial Freshwater Fisheries Rules and Regulations Summary". Bush hooks, setlines and trotlines must be clearly and legibly marked with the harvester's name and address while being used or possessed in or upon the waters of the state.

I can run a line with 25 hooks, or a combination of hooks/limb lines.
If there are 2 people in the boat, then do we both get 25 hooks? Or is it 25 hooks per boat?
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