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That's a Good idea.
I use a para cord, tied to a limb on my right and to a limb on my left. Kinda gives a sagging arc look. Place the center of the barrel on top of the cord (about 6-8" down the barrel). Tighten the cord enough to hold your rifle's weight. Then adjust the cord tension, either tighten or lessen the tension, until you get the desired (rifle) hold for a certain distance, usually about 50yds or so. You could do 100-1000yds, depending on thickness of woods and clear shooting lanes.
Then tie the cord off to keep it in that position. Only use the barrel on the cord, not the forend. The closer the cord is to you on the barrel, the shorter distance shot, put the cord about 2" before the muzzle for the longest distance. If you need more, lean forward until you get to your target. If you already have the rifle on the cord and the deer is too close, just pull the rifle back to you, and this will shorten the distance without picking the barrel up and putting it in another spot, possibly spooking your deer. Works just like a rifle rest as far as sturdiness.

Just be careful how far away from you when you 1st tie your para cord. You don't want it no more than 3' max away from you (depending on barrel length). Get it too far out, and you may fall trying to scope in on a far shot when leaning out.

I'm sure the above description may be confusing to some, but it won't be when you try it. Also, it does best from a ladder stand and loc-ons in oak trees. Forget about it for climbers and pine trees. It's difficult to get the 2 limbs needed at the right distances if jacked up a pine tree to tie the cord on, unless you're in a grove of them or 2-3 pine trees together.
But Outside9 way is the best in no 2 limb situations. And may even work better than the way I do it, which is just a poor man's way. g/l, wear your harness and be careful.

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