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Default Fishing with a 4 year old

Its been since fathers day that the boat ran and my boy wanted to go to "our" river...I didnt know we had one. Made it to Quintette and almost immediately he trips over his feet and skins a knee pretty good, you woulda thought his leg fell off, that took a few minutes to recover from. Not a soul on the river, thank goodness, since he doesnt have volume control and seems to like how he can hear his stomps and everything he drops echoing through the boat and water. He likes to fish with the bow every 30 seconds or so the whole wet wad of rope goes splashing into the water and up comes a "big catfish!". I tired making him a pole with a good stick and line and a trickworm, that kept him occupied for a little while. Eventually he had 4 flavors of trickworm in a wad on the hook slinging it all over. 45 minutes into the trip he said hes ready to go...aye aye little captain! I did manage one nice bream on a mini crankbait! River looked amazing and sure seemed like a great catfish trip night.
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