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Originally Posted by coolbluestreak View Post
That's pretty cool!
I don't think I would put my Gopro over the side of the boat unless I'm diving with it, my luck I'd drop it.
Its funny you say that. I was a little nervous when I would lose site on the shark, so that is why the camera kept going in and out of the water.

What was scarier, is that this was my first outing with my GoPro and I was very lucky I did not lose it surfacing on my second dive. Not being used to having this thing strapped on my head. When I surface on the second dive, the water was so crazy calm, I just instintivly removed my mask forgetting the GoPro is strapped above. I immediately realize what I have done and start scanning the surface for my GoPro. I can't see it anywhere and my cursing starts to fly. My dive buddy is confused as to why I am cursing up a storm. When I tell him the deal, he immediately starts to help looking on the surface and under the water. Eventually he swims over to me and reaches behind my head and then hands me my camera. Luckily it got caught on the tank valve. The footage of my camera videoing my regulator hoses with all kinds of F-bombs and every other curse word I could muster in the audio is kinda funny. I will always have my camera tethered to me somehow from here on out.
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